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New Discoveries

Recent discoveries about objects and garments from the Fashion Research Collection.

Plastic belt on an aqua blue Thierry Mugler skirtsuit

PDF fileA Mugler Mystery, opens in new window Explores fashion as a method of communication and the role of clothing within the workplace during the 1970s. By Tori Hopgood.

Close up of green metal mesh handbag

PDF fileA Handbag's Tale, opens in new window Creatively written from the point of view of the object itself, this post explores the object biography of a small enameled handbag. By Anna Pollice.

Detail of red and pink patterned kimono

PDF fileThe Kimono and the Haori, opens in new window Investigates two styles of traditional Japanese dress in relation to sustainability. By Jennifer Dares and Cecilia Gomes.

Close up of belt detail of pink, orange, yellow and green swirly patterned paper jumpsuit

PDF fileSustainability and the Jumpsuit, opens in new window Explores the history and sustainability of a 1960s paper jumpsuit. By Emilie Chan and Zoe Yin.

Close up of red floral detail on Julian Rose dress

PDF fileJulian Rose, the Forgotten Dressmaker, opens in new window Follows the life and career of British designer, Julian Rose, during the 1950s and 1960s. By Anya Georgijevic.


Close up of closure on robe

PDF fileThe Journey of a Chinese Robe, opens in new window Explores the history, construction and symbolism of a late 1800s Chinese robe by comparing it to similar robes belonging to the Textile Museum of Canada. By Tori Hopgood.

T. Eaton's Co black cape

PDF fileReading a Cape, opens in new window Considers the construction and manufacturing of a 1900s black wool cape by the T. Eaton Company. By Tori Hopgood.