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Object Lessons

Read about different FRC objects through the lens of MA Fashion students. Written for FS8002 History and Theory I, each post includes an analysis of the object and a creative component. 

Fur collar of a Gucci wool cream coat

PDF fileGucci: Overview of Ready to Wear Design, opens in new window Discusses the history of famed Italian fashion house, Gucci, paying particular attention to their RTW collection through the analysis of a Gucci cream coat with fox-fur collar. By Olena Vivcharyuk.

Belt of a paper jumpsuit with a pink, green, orange and yellow print

PDF fileImagining a Future of Disposability: Paper Fashion, opens in new window Reflects on the relationship between the marketing of the paper dress as new technology and the futuristic thinking around outer space in the late 1960s. By Bianca Garcia.

Close up of the collar on a burgundy and black printed haori

PDF fileHaori: An Aspect of Culture, opens in new window Compares and contrasts the materiality between two Japanese haori jackets, one belonging to the Fashion Research Collection, and the other privately owned. By Benedikte Goronga.

Close up of gold button on 1920s brocade opera coat

PDF file1920s Brocade Opera Coat Reflecting Feminism and the “Modern Girl”, opens in new windowThrough the analysis of a women’s opera coat from the 1920s, this post explores the rise of feminism and birth of the “Modern Girl” in Canada. By Dianna De Angelis.

Close up of rosette detail on a 20th century boudoir cap

PDF fileAnalysis of a 20th Century Boudoir Cap, opens in new window Analyses a women’s boudoir cap, tying it to notions of femininity and gender relations. The author’s creative component involves the making of a crocheted cap to further explore technique and practice. By Madison Schmidt.

Paisley pattern of the men's velvet blazer

PDF filePeacock Revolution, opens in new window Examines a 1960s velveteen paisley blazer, studying a period of great change in men’s fashion known as the peacock revolution, when colourful, flamboyant, form-fitted styles were popular. By Kaleigh Morris.

Close up of shoulder detail of Yvonne Lin's white slashed leather minidress

PDF fileYvonne Lin: Analysis of the White Slashed Leather Minidress, opens in new window Uses object-based research to observe the construction of a 3D leather mini-dress and explores themes of art-to-wear, 3D technology in fashion, femininity and the grotesque. By Julia Birnie.

Oscar de la Renta white jumpsuit with black polka dots and poppy flowers

PDF fileOscar de la Renta: The History Behind the Boutique Label, opens in new window Studies a 1970s Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit and the history behind boutique collections. A creative component situates the garment on the cover of a fashion magazine. By Brooke Lindzon.

Close up of leg of black pleated Issey Miyake Trousers

PDF fileIssey Miyake Trousers, opens in new window Explores technology and fashion by analyzing a pair of Pleats Please pants by Issey Miyake. By Fedlande Fenelon and Eiro Issakidis.

Label of a Mary Quant mini dress which reads "Mary Quant's Ginger Group, Made in England"

PDF fileDid Mary Quant’s designs conform to or defy the gender roles of the 1960’s?, opens in new window Considers if the Ginger Group line was size friendly and whether it paved the way for Western women's fashion in the 21st century. By Mariam Mansour and Samika Chadha.

Button and decorative stitching of an Issey Miyake blanket coat

PDF fileCollage Through Feminism and Textile, opens in new window Explores how feminism can be evoked through an Issey Miyake blanket coat. By Tricia Crivellaro.

Detail of the mink and leather of the men's bomber jacket

PDF fileMilitary Influence on Fashion: The Bomber Jacket, opens in new window Discusses how the bomber jacket symbolizes the shift from practicality to aesthetics in fashion. By Sara Abraham.

Close up of emerald green gems on the Raymonda headpiece

PDF fileCase Study of A Ballet Costume Headpiece From Raymonda, opens in new windowExamines a costumed headpiece from the National Ballet of Canada’s production: Raymonda Act III (1985). The author interviews the dancer who originally wore the headpiece. By Julia Brucculieri.

Green celluloid hair comb with yellow and blue accents

PDF fileThe Celluloid Hair Comb and Its Troublesome Existence, opens in new window Examines the trend of the hair comb, its troublesome existence and its evolution of style by conducting object-based research. By Sonali Prasad.