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Student uses VR Glasses inside immersive exhibition

FCAD Summer Institute Presents: 


Exploring Canada’s successful business models in gaming, music and the creative industries.

June 5 - 7, 2018

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Creative Industries in a Changing World

The FCAD Summer Institute from Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design, is a three-day research intensive bringing together leading scholars, artists and practitioners in media, design, and technology. 

The 2018 theme, Cultivate-Recalibrate focuses on analyzing and sharing the learnings from successful Canadian enterprises in the worlds of gaming, music streaming, and digital content creation.

All trends indicate that audience engagement, in-game monetization and online communities have factored significantly into what has made several companies successful in a non-linear global marketplace. The 2018 edition of the FCAD Summer Institute will share research insights, business models and strategies, allowing established and emerging leaders to access analysis, trends and tackle burning questions for improving their cultural enterprises and the culture sector as a whole.

Themes & Structure

The following are themes that will be explored over the three-days in panels, keynotes, hands-on activities and whiteboarding sessions. The structure is meant to be fun, engaging and informative.

  • User Generated Data & Content
  • Audience engagement in gaming and e-sports
  • Design (game design, theory, co-design)
  • Inclusive Leadership in the Creative Industries
  • Blockchain (rights management, licensing, payments)
  • Streaming (gaming, music, television)
  • Social media civility & diversity
  • Big data & creativity

June 5-7, 2018


Day 1:
Sears Atrium
245 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1Z4
5:00pm - 8:00pm

Day 2 & 3
Oakham House at Ryerson University
63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9
9:00am - 5:00pm

About FCAD

FCAD, Faculty of Communication and Design at Ryerson is home to Canada’s nine leading schools in media and creative industries. For seven decades, our unique programs have been at the heart of the evolution of cultural industries. We offer a premier education, while allowing our students and faculty the freedom to question social norms and to become leaders in the creative fields. We take on challenges beyond the imagined and immerse ourselves in worlds that explore design and storytelling.

FCAD schools are the best programs in their industries because of the distinctive mix of scholarship and practice, extra-curricular initiatives, competitions and international collaborations. We have strong connections in our fields, internationally and with government and policy makers that add value and impact to our sectors. FCAD faculty and students are ambitious and eager to push the boundaries of research, innovation and disruption in all areas of media and creative industries. As Ryerson’s creative innovation hub we look to forge new partnerships, to be global in our mindset, multi-disciplinary in our approaches and diverse in our offerings.

Map of 245 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 1Z4
Map of 63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9

The Agenda













June 5, 2018 (Day 1)

Location: Sears Atrium
245 Church Street

Opening Keynote: Ana Serrano

IdeaBoost: Ana Serrano is the Chief Digital Officer of the Canadian Film Centre (CFC), Founder of CFC Media Lab, and Managing Director of IDEABOOST, Canada's first digital entertainment accelerator. She has directed more than 130 digital media projects, mentored more than 50 startups, and received numerous digital entertainment industry awards in Canada and the U.S., including the Digital Media Trailblazing Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television in 2015.  


June 6, 2018 (Day 2)

Location: Oakham House
63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9

Morning Presentation: Glenn O'Farrell

Blockchain Innovation & Television: In his current role as CEO of Groupe Média TFO, a public educational media enterprise located in Toronto, Glenn has led TFO’s transformation from a declining, small-scale minority-language community broadcaster to become a leading international digital provider of French language educational content – with an aggregate global audience of several hundred million across an array of innovative media platforms. Under his leadership, TFO developed and launched cathartic digital initiatives including, industry-leading, immersive virtual reality production studios to create new digital generations of educational content. In its dynamic new form,TFO has become an international educational content distributor/exporter through multiple new deals with video streaming services, including with PBS across the U.S. Throughout, Glenn’s overall strategy has focused on constantly breaking new ground in digital learning, in step with evolving media consumption patterns.


June 7, 2018 (Day 3)

Location: Oakham House
63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9


Morning Presentation: David Gauntlett

Making is Connecting - New Horizons: David Gauntlett argues that through making things – online and offline – people want to make their mark, create meaningful connections, and build inspiration. His book Making is Connecting struck a chord with crafters, YouTubers, makers, music producers, artists, and coders alike. He observed that the shift from a ‘sit-back-and-be-told culture’ to a ‘making-and-doing culture’ means that a vast array of people are exchanging their own ideas, videos, and other creative material online, as well as engaging in real-world crafts, music projects, and hands-on experiences. This everyday creative engagement is essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies. The second expanded edition, just published, explores new themes around creative processes, do-it-yourself strategies, and platforms for creativity, which Gauntlett will discuss in this talk.

David Gauntlett recently joined the Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University, as Professor of Creative Innovation and Leadership. He was previously Professor of Creativity and Design, and Director of Research, at Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster, UK. His teaching and research is about creative processes, self-initiated everyday creativity, and cultures of making and exchanging. He is the author of several books, including Creative Explorations (2007), Making is Connecting (2011, second edition 2018), and Making Media Studies (2015). He has worked with a number of the world’s leading creative organisations, including the BBC, the British Library, and Tate. For 12 years he has worked with LEGO and the LEGO Foundation on innovation in creativity, play and learning.

June 7, 2018 (Day 3)

Location: Oakham House
63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9

Closing Keynote: Katerina Cizek

Collective Intelligence: Emmy-winning documentarian Katerina Cizek will showcase cutting-edge, collaborative nonfiction across innovative platforms and technologies — including her own work — to trace how documentarians are collaborating with citizens, communities, and scholars across disciplines, and now, using algorithms. As new forms of media, networks and devices emerge throughout history, documentarians have always been at the forefront of discovering how to tell stories with them. From the first newsreels, to the latest artificial intelligence VR installations, non-fiction creators are the first to introduce their audiences and users to novel ways of interacting, immersing and collaborating in new environments while interpreting reality. How can these new technologies change the storyteller's relationship to the “people formerly known as subjects”?  How can documentaries and journalism be practiced “with” people instead of “about” or "for" them? In this master class and live cinema performance, Cizek traces her trajectory through 20 years of media-making to her most current endeavour: an initiative dedicated to collaborative practices as the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of the Co-Creation Studio at MIT Open Documentary Lab.


For our out of town participants, if you wish to stay on Ryerson Campus during the conference, you are welcome to apply for the Summer Stay Option offered by the Student Housing Services on Campus.



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Director, FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies
RTA School of Media
Ryerson University

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