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FCAD's Remote Student Learning Guide Now Available




FCD Courses - Person is being interviewed by two other students. One of them holding the microphone and the other holding the camera.

Working in interdisciplinary teams and applying diverse branches of knowledge helps develop unique perspective and problem solving skills. 

Supercourses - Group of people lining up for audition. Stage manager looking at a piece of paper.

Work with peers from diverse programs in three distinct areas - live events, designing real-world solutions, and collaborative global projects.

FCAD Minors - Student working on computer chip

An opportunity for you to explore a new area of study and think across boundaries to gain must-have skills that are prized in the 21st century job market.

Study Abroad - Person walking across stream in nature

With amazing international partners all over the world, FCAD takes global learning to a whole new level. Learn about exchanges and short-term intensives.

Student Learning Support Services - Group of people around a robot

Need a tutor? Having trouble writing that paper? The SLS  offers workshops and more to help students through their curricular challenges.



FCAD Advisors

Have a specific question about your program? Don't forget to reach out to your academic advisor.

LEANNA VU // Student Affairs Assistant

Extension: 553724 |

ANGELLA BECKFORD // Student Affairs Assistant

PAULA RAYSON // Academic Manager, Student Affairs.

Extension: 553278 |

NIKI MAKROPOLOUS // Academic Coordinator

Extgension: 6441 |

MARIETTA CANLAS // Academic Coordinator

Extension: 6582 |

STEPHANIE LAW // Administrative Assistant

Extension: 6851 |

JAMES McCRORIE // Academic Coordinator

Extension: 6847 |

JEANINE WEBSTER // Academic Coordinator

Extension: 556923 |


BEVERLY PETROVIC // Student Affairs Coordinator

Extension: 6392 | google formASK RSJ, external link, opens in new window

ANGELA CHENG // Student Affairs Assistant

Extension 7015 |

DONNA MORRISON // Lead Academic and Outreach Coordinator

Extension: 7551 |

SUNNY FERNANDEZ // Academic Coordinator

Extension: 4624 |

DAN CANTILLER // Academic Coordinator

Extension: 552755 |

DANIEL GARCIA // Manager, FCAD Graduate Program Administration

  • MA Fashion
  • MA Film + Photography Preservation and Collections Management

Extension: 552411 | MAURO CHIERA // Graduate Program Administrator

  • MFA Documentary Media
  • MPC Professional Communication

Extension: 557608 |

TONISHA MCMEEKIN // Graduate Program Administrator

  • MA Media Production
  • MJ Journalism

Extension: 552756 |

LISSA QUAGLIA // Graduate Program Administrator

  • MDM Digital Media

Extension: 552858 |