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The Design Solutions Supercourse

An exciting opportunity for students to work in creative teams from diverse programs, to develop design solutions to real-world problems with real-world organizations. A new FCAD course available to all Ryerson students who are looking to experience working collaboratively with community partners. 

The Courses:

Students working together in lounge
FCD/CRI 815: Design Solutions Supercourse 1

In FCD815CRI 815, students start with a problem that has been identified by a real client (e.g. a company, community organization, or external institution) and develop a conceptual solution and improve it through testing and feedback. Students are supported by faculty and project mentors, and are encouraged to push the boundaries of creativity in search of innovative solutions. In the process, students gain valuable hands-on experience in collaborative, design-based teamwork, while working with a real life "client".

Offered Fall 2019

CRI 825: Design Solutions Supercourse 2
FCD/CRI 825: Design Solution Supercourse 2

In FCD 825 & CRI 825, selected teams are invited to take their developed concept from FCD 815, to the next stage of development. Working in the same teams, students begin working on making their product, paper/policy or prototype through an experiential, practice-based learning enviroment. Similar to Ryerson's zone-style infastructure, students will have access to tools, labs and studios from across FCAD to deliver a final deliverable to their community orgaization. In this final stage, students can enlist other students to complement the skillset required for their prototype.

Offered Winter 2020

Students working with design assets
What To Expect:
  • Work in small teams with students in fashion, media, communications, computer science, engineering, etc.
  • Establish a strong understanding of design thinking principles to design solutions
  • Watch your idea grow through every step of the process
  • Flexibile hours with minimal classroom lectures
  • Work directly with industry organizations and international partners
  • Access mentors and project specific advisors
  • Gain a unique experience to add to your resume


Students participating in class
How to Enroll:
  • Select CRI 815 - Fall 2018 in RAMSS during course intentions
  • Open to all Ryerson undergraduate students 
  • Graduate students may enroll with graduate program approval




Recent Partners:

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Become a partner:

Have a challenge and needs some creative thinking and leadership? Contact Michael Carter to learn more about how your organization can become a project of this course.

Student Feedback:

"Working with people from different programs allowed me to learn from people I don't normally get the opportunity to collaborate with."


“This was one of the best courses I have taken at Ryerson. It was designed in a way to show students what the real world offers.”