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Faculty of Communication & Design

Charles Falzon
Dean of FCAD -- The Faculty of Communication & Design


As an international media and entertainment executive, educator and cultural strategy leader, Charles Falzon has been developing and marketing Canadian talent, and creating high-quality cultural experiences through diverse platforms and transmedia for more than three decades. Today, Charles is on the forefront of change for the cultural sector in Canada -- empowering creators to connect with audiences in new and disruptive ways through creative and commercial innovation.

Charles Falzon is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University, home to nine of the country’s leading schools in media and creative industries. In this role, he is a central figure in Ryerson’s curricular innovation, entrepreneurship education and city-building mission, with a focus on maximizing the impact of the creative industries as a catalyst for collaboration, digital innovation and civic engagement.

In his role as Dean (since 2015) and formerly as Chair of the RTA School of Media (2010-2015), Charles was the driving force behind many of Ryerson’s innovative initiatives aimed at educating and empowering the next generation of disruptors in arts and culture to think beyond established modalities and boundaries. This includes programs like Canada’s first Sport Media Program and RTA in L.A., ideation labs like the The Music Den and the Transmedia Zone, and the FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies, which brings together industry and policy leaders. Charles holds two post-graduate degrees from the University of Toronto in ethics and theology, and is a professor at the RTA School of Media, where he teaches courses in business ethics and leadership. Charles is also a member of the Expert Advisory Group on Canadian Content in a Digital World for the Ministry of Heritage, and a board member of the Toronto Arts Council.

Charles’ vision for a stronger cultural sector in Canada is informed by 30 years’ experience at the helm of Canadian and international public and private companies in the creative industries including media production, media distribution, book publishing, theme parks and live entertainment. Throughout his career he has embraced the multimodality of entertainment, from the early days of translating beloved Canadian television content into tangible experiences through merchandising, to producing live events and managing live venues across the continent. He was an early pioneer of the cultural export of high-quality Canadian content, introducing such iconic Canadian programs such as CBC’s The Nature of Things and Wayne and Shuster and City TV’s Fashion Television to broadcasters around the world, and formed one of Canada’s first independent international distributors in 1989.

Charles has presided over international entertainment successes including Thomas the Tank Engine and Guinness World Records. He has published more than 100 children’s books and produced thousands of hours of television and feature films. His work has received numerous awards, including Gemini awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and has been nominated for Emmy awards. He was the founding chair of the Canadian Media Production Association, was a governor of the Banff festival, and is member of the order of Malta.