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Creative Minors

Acting/Dance, opens in new window

Designed for students who have little or no performance experience as well as those with a significant background in either acting or dance.

Curatorial Studies

Curatorial Studies, opens in new window

Strengthen your understanding of display culture and curatorial practices, with a focus on visual communication, and technological innovations.

Communication & Design, opens in new window

Understand the creative process and key technologies applied to the design of media.

Fashion Studies, opens in new window

An overview of the fashion industry, including history, design, textiles, and marketing.

Film Studies

Film (Cinema) Studies, opens in new window

Gain an understanding of the various aesthetic and historical components of cinema.

Global Narratives, opens in new window

Develop an understanding of the convergence of communication and cultural productions at global crossroads.

News Studies

News Studies, opens in new window

Designed to give students an understanding of journalism theory and practice.

Photography Studies, opens in new window

History and theory of photographic practices, pursuing special topics in, such as the relationship between photography and other arts, historic events, and contemporary theories. 

Professional Communication, opens in new window

Gain a high-level competency in written, oral, and visual communication, which are increasingly recognized as vital to success in business and the public sector. 

Public Relations, opens in new window

Through theory and practice, gain experience in the tools and ways of thinking that shape stakeholder relationships.

Visual Studies, opens in new window

Explore the social, economic and cultural dimensions of images through a solid foundation in visual culture, art history and contemporary theory.