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Graduate Programs

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FCAD at Ryerson offers uniquely distinct graduate programs in the field of media, communication and design

Graduate Programs at FCAD

Digital Media, opens in new window

MDM is a transdisciplinary executive program that is uniquely designed to equip graduates with the skills and industry experience they will need to be thought leaders in the digital media world. As the digital economy continues to grow, the future will belong to professionals with the ability to create solid business models that are innovative, disruptive and sustainable through digital media.

Documentary Media, opens in new window

Through combined studies in documentary production and history, our curriculum prepares students to produce major research projects (MRP) that can take the form of narrative or non-narrative films, gallery-based installations, photobooks, and web or multi-platform documentaries.

Fashion, opens in new window

MA Fashion is an interdisciplinary program with students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including fine arts, humanities, social sciences, design and business. This program does not require prior fashion industry knowledge.

F+PPCM, opens in new window

Our unique curriculum is developed and delivered by a range of specialists, from historians of photography and film to museum, library and archival professionals. Students gain advanced research skills by completing an original written or practical tehsis.

Journalism, opens in new window

Gain essential skills to tell stories for audiences across all platforms with a sophisticated understanding of journalism's historic missions and present-day possibilities. For their major research projects, students will produce a substantial piece of journalism, demonstrating advanced research skills and mastery of the chosen medium.

Media Production, opens in new window

Connect, interact, inform and inspire, while exploring the theoretical, economic, creative and cultural structures that influence how media is produced and disseminated.

Professional Communication, opens in new window

This vibrant program addresses the growing need for formally qualified specialists to plan, implement and oversee communications at organizational and global levels, whether in government, health care, corporations or not-for- profit organizations.

Media & Design Innovation, opens in new window

The PhD in Media & Design Innovation is a one-of-a-kind doctoral program for scholars and practitioners in media, design and creative disciplines. Placing creativity at the heart of learning, the program is designed specifically for innovative makers and scholar-practitioners. 

Graduates of the Media & Design Innovation program are trained to be intellectually agile creative professionals with a strong capacity for in-depth innovation and problem-solving.

Scriptwriting & Story Design, opens in new window

The foundation of all good media is a good script. 

This uniquely interdisciplinary program nurtures emerging, storytelling voices in the art of script-based creative writing for stage, screen and cutting-edge media platforms. The final thesis project is a full script for a feature film, a stage play, television or other form of scripted media.

Communication and Culture, opens in new window

This unique partnership between two universities combines expertise and opportunities for advanced study of media and cultural technologies, as well as communication politics in practice and theory.

The two-year, full- or part-time MA program combines academic and professional work through independent research in theory-building, media practice or policy implications. The full-time PhD program provides a thorough grounding in theory and method, and the practices, processes and technologies of contemporary, media-immersed cultures.