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FCAD Virtual Grad 2020

Charles Falzon portrait - A message from the Dean, Charles Falzon

The next generation of creative leaders

 Celebrate with FCAD

You made it! Although we are unable to celebrate with you in person, we've crafted this web page to help celebrate this major milestone. We're here to celebrate YOU. On this page, you'll find special messages from faculty, staff, alumni and other members from the FCAD community, as well as links to resources to help you stay connected.

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FCAD Gradient 1

Watch pre-recorded video messages from faculty, staff, alumni, and other community members.

FCAD Gradient 2

Update your contact info with Ryerson Alumni, and learn about the perks and privileges of being an alumni.

FCAD Gradient 3

Stay connected and let us know what you're up to. Find out the many different ways you can stay in touch.

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 Get Your Selfie Game On!

Celebrate with us! We've created custom Snapchat and Instagram filters to help you celebrate your achievements. Share your selfies and video messages by tagging #RUGrad2020 and #FCADNextGen.

Pictures of students using colourful filter for graduating, class of 2020

IG Filters

Take a selfie or video using the FCAD Grad 2020 filter. Share this on your story and tag @RyersonFCAD, @Ryerson_u, and your program.

  1. Head over to RyersonFCAD on Instagram

  2. Look for the Custom Filters icon (Smiley Face)

  3. Click on the FCAD Grad 2020 filter

  4. Click Try It on the bottom left corner

Ryerson FCAD Instagram showing graduation filter

IG Stickers

Crafted especially for you, we've created the FCAD Grad 2020 stickers on Instagram. Just search for "FCAD" in the stickers section.

  1. On Instagram, take a quick selfie or video (through your story)

  2. In the top menu, click on the Stickers icon (Square Smiley Face)

  3. Search for FCAD and select the sticker you want to use

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Scan the Snapcode (take a picture) or search up "FCAD Grad 2020" to use this awesome filter! Share it on your story and send it to your friends.

Yellow Snapcode with black dots to scan and activate the FCAD graduation filter


Dear FCAD Class of 2020

We've curated specially-crafted messages from members of the FCAD community to celebrate #FCADNextGen— the FCAD Graduating Class of 2020. Explore this page to find words of wisdom and well wishes from familiar faces. 

Presenting the Creative Industries Class of 2020

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Stay Connected with Creative Industries

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the Creative Industries community.

Presenting the Fashion Class of 2020

Congratulations, Fashion Class of 2020!

From Ben Barry, Chair of Fashion

Ben Barry - Fashion , external link, opens in new window

From our Esteemed Fashion Alumni

Dear Graduating MA Fashion Class of 2020:

As Graduate Program Director, I would like to wish you heartfelt congratulations on completing your Master of Arts in Fashion Degree. It is even more impressive that you have managed to do so during a global Pandemic. You are now part of a special group of graduates and I wish I could see you all in person to celebrate. I am SO proud of each and every one of you. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you and to get to know you over the past two years. Please do keep in touch and let us know how you're doing--you will be missed but you will always be a part of the Ryerson community. I will keep in touch with you about the voluntary MRP presentations we'll host for you and the current students in the Fall. Take good care and I wish you all the best.

- Dr. Alison Matthews David Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, MA Fashion

Stay Connected with Fashion

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the Fashion at FCAD community.

Presenting the GCM Class of 2020

Aim high, think big -- the sky REALLY is the limit!

Tannisha Lambert, Program Manager

Once a GCM, always a GCM!

Reem El-Asaleh, Associate Professor

A HUGE Congratulations from your GCM Fam!

We're so proud of each and every single one of you! Although we are apart right now, our faculty and staff have come together to share our heartfelt congratulations to you. 

GCM faculty and staff composite

The GCM Family keeps growing, and you will always be a part of this family.

Martin Habekost, Associate Chair & Associate Professor

Congratulations, from all of us at the GCM Course Union

What an accomplishment! We're proud of everything that you've achieved, and we wish you all the best for the future. Oh, and definitely stay in touch! 

Check out the GCM Grad Book 2020

Presenting the Image Arts Class of 2020

To the IMA Class of 2020

All of us at the School of Image Arts wishes you the best of success in the next chapter of your lives! You've made it -- and we couldn't have been more proud of each and every one of you. We've curated messages from our faculty and staff, all of whom are raising a glass to say, "Cheers!"

Remember to stay connected with us at IMA. We love hearing from former students, and we welcome you back as alumni.

Congratulations IMA - Film Class of 2020!

Congratulations IMA - Photo Class of 2020!

Stay Connected with IMA

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the IMA Community.

Presenting the RSID Class of 2020

Cherish the memories you made here, but be excited because they will pale to the great things you will do outside these walls with the knowledge you gained here! Don't worry if you don't have it figured out, none of us did! You are in for such an amazing ride!

Anna Tkachuk, RSID '19

Congratulations, from all of us at RSID!

 RSID Grad Parti

Thanks for joining us for the RSID Grad Parti on June 11th, 2020. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone! We hope you enjoyed the event, and once again, congratulations to you all, from all of us at Interior Design and FCAD.

Stay Connected with the RSID family

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the Ryerson School of Interior Design.

RSID Class of 2020 poses for a class composite

Ryan Anning

Duyen Nguyen 

Katherine Fazari

Congratulations on getting the Trivia answers! All winners will receive items designed and made in Canada as we take every effort to support local businesses and Canadian artists. Your prizes should be sent to you soon.

Presenting the RSJ Class of 2020

The fact is, we have never seen a more talented, innovative and inspiring cohort than the Class of 2020. So congratulations to you, the Ryerson School of Journalism Class of 2020. We are so proud of you!

Lisa Taylor, Undergraduate Program Director

Congratulations, from faculty, staff and alumni!

Here's to you and your accomplishments, from all of us at the School of Journalism. Our faculty and staff have put together this short video to celebrate YOU. Be sure to watch for your name on our big screen!

Stay Connected with RSJ

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the Ryerson Journalism community.

Presenting the Performance Class of 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Graduating class in Acting, Dance, and Production!

Thank you to those who joined us LIVE for the School of Performance Celebration!

These are challenging times and we need you with your talent, energy and intelligence to progress to a better future for all.

Ruth Madoc-Jones

Celebrate GRAD 2020 with the School of Performance!

Graduates -- join us online TODAY (June 30th) at 2:00 pm (E.S.T) for a virtual celebration of our grads.

Stay Connected with Performance at FCAD

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from FCAD's School of Performance community.

Presenting the ProCom Class of 2020

Watch for your name on the big screen!

These are extraordinary times you are graduating into... That's both daunting for you, but at the same time, I think it's really exciting. I think the world is changing -- I think the world is ready to change -- and I think you are the people who can go out and make these changes.

Richard McMaster, ProCom Undergraduate Program Director

A special message to our grads, from The School of Professional Communication

Our faculty, staff, and Kristin Kelly, one of your peers and Ryerson Gold Medal 2020 recipient for FCAD, have put together a short video to commemorate your achievements. 

Stay Connected with ProCom

We're delighted to hear from you. Drop us note online, or send us an email at any time.

Presenting the RTA School of Media Class of 2020

Congratulations to RTA Class of 2020!

You've made it!

Today, we remember all of your accomplishments and celebrate your achievements. Our faculty and staff are so proud of all that you've done. These following videos and heartfelt messages are dedicated to you. Congratulations!

Steve Daniels

Zach Cox

Finlay Braithwaite

Lori Beckstead

Cintia Cristia

For the Class of 2020,

I'd like to borrow upon the following quote from writer and motivational speaker, Jay Danzie: "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card; how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark."

For those of you who came to meet with me at any time over the last four years, you may have noticed the sign outside my office door that says, "Keep Smiling" or that I chose to say those words when our appointment was done and you were leaving my office. May our experiences together have been positive ones and may you continue to remember the powerful and motivating effects you have on others when it comes to sharing your smile - it truly makes a difference! CONGRATULATIONS - I am proud of all your efforts and achievements that have brought you through RTA, and as you set out on your career paths I say to each of you once again, never underestimate the power of positivity and keep smiling!


Donna Morrison, Lead Academic Outreach Coordinator

Stay Connected with the RTA School of Media

Stay in-the-know with news and updates from the RTA School of Media community.

Presenting the Communication & Culture Class of 2020

ComCult's Spring 2020 Grad Celebration

Wherever you are, join in the celebration of our Spring 2020 ComCult graduates at 4:00 PM (EST).

Bring your friends and family and toast your accomplishments! Celebratory toasts, group photos, and special guests! Share memories of a favourite moment in the program!

If you are planning to attend the after-party, please RSVP to  

Ryerson Spring Graduation - RUGrad2020

Celebrate #RUGrad2020 with Ryerson University

Though this year has unfolded differently, wherever you are, we celebrate together. On June 30, graduates and the rest of the Ryerson community are invited to join the virtual celebration. See you then!


 With an FCAD degree in-hand, you join thousands of FCAD alumni worldwide 

You're joining a community of disruptors — those who are making a change in the industry and are innovating non-stop. You'll soon take the first step in building your own career, and we know you'll do great. Be ambitious, be bold, and be creative.

Check out FCAD's Leading Alumni who are trailblazing the creative and cultural scenes »

Jeremy Podeswa, IMA '84

Emily Mills, Journalism '05

Maayan Ziv, RTA '12, MDM '15

Naomi Nachmani, Fashion '14

Felipe Masetti, Journalism '10

Sarah Stockdale, Professional Communication '11


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From exclusive event invitations to guest speaker opportunities, we like to keep in touch with our amazinig alumni to let them know what we're up to. Follow and tag @RyersonFCAD on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn at any time -- We love hearing from our alumni!

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From hands-on workshops to engaging industry-focused panel discussions, the FCAD community offers a wide range of events to keep you engaged, creative, and connected. Tune in every Monday for the Communites Create workshops, or join professors Laurel Walzak and Joe Recupero as they host lively talks on the future of Sports with athletes and industry pros.



Congratulations FCAD Class of 2020 with hashtags RUGrad2020 and FCADNextGen