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Welcome to FCAD International!

The international team at FCAD invites you to explore FCAD’s rich portfolio of international activities and global learning opportunities. Immerse yourself in the experience of your choice and explore diverse approaches to innovation and collaboration.

These learning opportunities will allow you to traverse borders and connect international perspectives to unlock hidden creative potentials. They will drive you to push the boundaries of innovation and develop vital skills that mold 21st century leaders.

As an FCAD student, you have:

  • The opportunity to participate in exchange programs organized in more than 30 cities around the world.
  • Exclusive access to nearly 25 short-term intensive programs available from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and many cities in between.
  • The ability to engage in global learning experiences without travel costs! Our Global Campus Studio Supercourse, gives you the opportunity to virtually collaborate within diverse international teams on creative projects ranging from game design and immersive theatre to social videos and interactive storytelling.

Dean Falzon’s vision is to ensure that every single FCAD student graduates with at least one international experience within the next two years.

Get your FCAD Passport ready and join our movement towards global learning.

Questions? Connect with me by emailing


Rana Latif

Manager, International

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For more information about FCAD hubs, short-term intensives or the international exchange program, please contact