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Virtual Exchange

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(January to April)
Offered by FCAD at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada

Start your virtual adventure with Canada's centre of media and creative invention by applying to the Winter 2021 virtual exchange semester.

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Develop Cultural

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Gain Global
Leadership Strategies

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Enhance Knowledge of
Digital Technologies

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Understand the Relation
of Inclusion and Access

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We recognize the importance of creative leadership and innovation, which is why students will also have the opportunity to take courses in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation for the creative fields. Some popular and open interdisciplinary courses, include:

FCD 309: Design for Sustainability FCD 362: Designing for Web/Cross-Media
FCD 222: Coding for Creatives FCD 540: Marketing for Creatives
FCD 204: Discovering Data Storytelling FCD 551: Digital Media/Network Cultures
FCD 962: Interaction Design FCD 760: Diversity: Creative Work
FCD 810: Immersion in Communication and Design FCD 601: Introduction to Visual Communications

Creative Canada
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You'll get an exclusive opportunity to connect with the Canadian creators and expand your global network by engaging in:

  • Virtual events, webinars and tours
  • Immersive opportunities
  • Influential faculty and industry members
  • FCAD student buddy program

How to Apply

Students must be nominated by their home university by Monday, November 16, 2020.
Important Note: 
Partners should inquire with, opens in new window for the online Nomination Form. 

Once the nomination period ends, students will be directly emailed to complete the online Application Form. Upon completing this form, students will receive an acknowledgement email in November confirming their acceptance into FCAD's Virtual Exchange Semester for Winter 2021. 

Important Note: Ryerson will not be allowed to host any in-person international exchange students in Winter 2021. All courses are 100% online and must be conducted from students' home country. 


To be eligible for virtual exchange, students must have already completed at least one full year at their home university.

Students may enroll into 1 to 4 courses. Students will have the opportunity to choose from an approved undergraduate list of:

  1. Open interdisciplinary courses (see above for FCD courses), and
  2. Program-specific courses from the following programs:
  • Creative Industries
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Communications Management
  • Image Arts: Film Studies
  • Image Arts: Photography Studies
  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Performance
  • Professional Communication
  • RTA Media Production
  • RTA New Media

In November, students will be contacted by a Ryerson Academic Advisor with a full list of courses to select from. Where possible, students will be registered in their preferred classes. Please note that it is not always possible to honour your preferences due to availability and scheduling. Students will have the flexibility to make changes to their timetable until January 24, 2021.

Please note that 3-4 courses is considered a ‘full time load’. 

Students will receive a transcript upon completion of the semester. Please note that it is at the discretion of the home institution to determine how many credits students earn upon completing courses at Ryerson.  

Home institution that are determining credit equivalency should consider the following: 

  • There are 12 weeks of teaching in a semester.
  • There are typically 3 hours of lecture per week. This does not include time needed for self-study, working on assignments, exams, group work, etc.  
  • Students should expect to put in a few extra study hours per course outside of class. Outside of teaching hours, a typical student is required to complete multiple components for any one course: class participation, mini assignments, a group project, a midterm essay/project, and a final exam/assignment.


Orientation Day

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Classes Begin

Monday, January 11, 2021

Reading Week (no classes)     

February 13-19, 2021

Classes End

Friday, April 16, 2021

Exam Period

Monday, April 19, 2021 -  Saturday, May 01, 2021

All exams and final assessments will be conducted remote. The format of exams and final assessments will be determined by the course instructor.

Please note that there are no rewrites, resits, or retakes to make-up for a failed exam.

All Ryerson courses in the Winter 2021 semester will be delivered remotely.

The format of a course is determined by the instructor. Due to many students currently living out-of-country, many instructors are ensuring flexibility to accommodate for students living in different time zones.



As outlined in the exchange agreement, tuition is waived for exchange students studying at Ryerson. 

Find out More

To learn more about FCAD's Virtual Exchange Semester, please sign-up to for an upcoming information sesssion:

For more information on FCAD's Virtual Exchange Semester, please contact:

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(September to December)

Open Interdisciplinary Courses
RTA 934: Virtual Identities & Communities
FCD 920: Visual Story Production
FCD 540: Marketing for Creative Professionals
FCD 222: Coding for Creatives
FCD 815: Design Solutions Supercourse
FCD 962: Interaction Design
FCD 121: Design Literacy
CMN 288: Communication & Social Media

Additional program-specific courses were also available for students to take from the following schools: Creative Industries, Fashion, Graphic Communications Management, Image Arts: Film Studies, Image Arts: Photography Studies, Interior Design, Journalism, Performance, Professional Communication, RTA Media Production, RTA New Media.