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Faculty of Communication & Design


The Global Campus Studio (GCS) is a virtual hub for creative international collaboration and co-creation, offering a wide range of interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students. This internationally-focused GCS network embodies the creative entrepreneurial spirit, offering students the opportunity to collaborate within diverse international teams, using  the connective affordances of contemporary digital technologies.

International Engagement

Leveraging FCAD’s impressive roster of international partners, the Global Campus Studio gives students the opportunity to participate in hands-on development and production with students from around the world to create boundary pushing work that culminates from the bringing-together of international perspectives and diverse skill-sets.

21st Century Skills

Students who participates in GCS will gain valuable skills in creative development, media entrepreneurship, and design thinking, as well as experience in dealing with the unique challenges and opportunities of international collaboration.


  • Diverse approaches to innovation
  • Collaboration and co-creaion with diverse creators
  • Access to international storytelling practice
  • Content development for global audiences
  • Media distribution in a borderless world
  • Global leadership strategies and social influence


The Innovation Studio

The Global Campus Studio is part of The Innovation Studio, FCAD’s creative incubation network. Comprised of four creative zones:

  • The Transmedia Zone
  • The Design Fabrication Zone
  • The Fashion Zone
  • The Music Den

There will also be an open studio space for collaboration and fabrication, a showcase for emerging talent and new directions in experience design, and this exciting international hub devoted to 21st century global co-creation. The Innovation Studio offers seemingly limitless resources and opportunities to boundary-pushing creators.

In addition, students can leverage The FCAD Creative Technology Lab, a state-of-the-art facility for creative production and experimentation, combining advanced computer-controlled robotics, projection mapping, motion capture, and virtual/augmented reality technologies.


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"As a first year student, my experience with the Global Campus Studio was the perfect introduction to Ryerson’s school community. I was able to develop international collaboration skills, and design a fully functional board game on topic of food scarcity. I appreciate my newfound global perspective that continues to inform my creative projects." - Nico


"Global Campus Studio was a roller coaster ride. The Supercourse taught me how to apply all the knowledge I've gained throughout my academic career into a creative solution to raise awareness about a global problem. Working with students internationally was an incredible experience that pushed me to go beyond my capabilities and strive for personal growth." - Vyllana