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Faculty of Communication & Design

What is Global Campus Studio's Supercourse?

The FCD 816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse (GCS) is a new course, offering you a unique opportunity to participate in a creative international collaboration. Choose from new creative themes each fall, ranging from virtual reality and immersive theatre to experiential entertainment and gaming. As each thematic section will be mirrored to an international Institutional partner, students will co-currently and co-collaboratively work together in interdisciplinary teams to design, develop and deliver an innovative prototype or product.

These unique Supercourse offerings traverse both borders and disciplines to reach new heights of innovation and collaboration. The course follows a split lecture/studio format, with 1.5 hours dedicated to lectures focusing on challenges and opportunities of international co-production and collaboration, and the other 1.5 hours allotted for time in the Studio for the hands-on development and ideation of the creative projects with your local peers and new international partners!  

Students who complete the course gain valuable skills in creative development, media entrepreneurship, and design thinking, as well as experience in dealing with the unique challenges and opportunities of international collaboration.


Why GCS? What do I get out of the experience?

  • Gain vital 21st century skills: entrepreneurship, design thinking, communication, collaboration
  • An impressive addition to your resume that ensures you stand-out to future employers
  • Exclusive opportunities to participate in additional workshops, international networking, as well as, panels & lectures presented through the Global Campus Studio Talks.
  • One open elective credit

International Partners 2019

  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Creative Themes 2019

  • Immersive Theatre
  • Interactive Storytelling 
  • Game Design 
  • Children's Entertainment 

More information will be released as it becomes available.


Follow the steps outlined below!

Step 1: Explore your options!

Start by exploring this year’s featured themes and see what piques your interest!

FCD816 Global Campus Studio is an open elective that is available to all FCAD students and upon special permission, non-FCAD University-wide students. If you are a non-FCAD student and find yourself interested in these super-courses, make sure to connect with your academic coordinator to inquire about enrolment.

This is a studio course and requires that students be motivated and committed, with an entrepreneurial mindset. Successful students should be collaborative team players, and open and flexible to the needs of their partners. You will be required to work beyond the 3 hrs per week of lab and lecture time. Please consider your commitment as this will be your own project to complete.

Step 2: Sign up

Good news — Signing up for a FCD816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse  is very similar to signing up for any of your other courses. During the course intention period, search your open elective table for FCD816 and add it to your shopping cart then click ‘enroll’.

Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t worry you can still sign up during the next course adjustment period May 8-15, 2019.

Step 3: Adjustments

In July, your Fall course timetable will be released. At which time, based on your schedule availability, you will be placed into one of five sections. Each section will cover one of the five themed projects and will be led by separate section Instructors.

In August, you will have a chance to "swap" into a section that fits both your interest and schedule during the Fall Open Enrollment on August 19. Just remember, it is your responsibility to ensure the section you are choosing does not conflict with your schedule and you acknowledge that the section you may want, may not be scheduled at a time best suited to your overall Ryerson Fall Semester schedule.

Once completed, you are now fully registered into both the section that you have chosen and FCD816.

Step 4: Questions?

Should you have any questions, contact Michael Carter at