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Interactive Storytelling

In partnership with journalism design students from London South Bank University (LSBU) in the United Kingdom, students in the Stitched! GCS section will collaborate to jointly develop and prototype a live journalism show exploring a theme related to climate change. While the collective will explore stories around a singular theme, the class will be divided into groups and each group can develop individual stories under that theme, adopting different styles, executions and formats depending on the story that the journalists in that group decided to explore and produce. Students will be guided through an iterative development process. During the term students will be exposed to live journalism as a concept and will learn to collaborate to develop a live show keeping journalistic professional ethics in mind and working across disciplines to merge conception ideas from other disciplines. Students will work through a process of conceptualizing, planning, executing, evaluating and refining their live stories, as part of international teams, to develop a “pilot” that can be performed or shared live.

Carly Lewis

Ryerson University's FCAD, Canada

Course instructor at Ryerson University's School of Journalism and Toronto-based journalist covering intersections of arts, culture, gender, and politics.

She can occasionally be heard on radio programs such as CBC's q, Metro Morning and The Current.

Her work has appeared at New York Magazine, The Atlantic, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, The Guardian, Interview Magazine, The FADER, the National Post, Elle Canada, the Toronto Star, Hazlitt, Spin, Flare, FASHION, Toronto Life, Maisonneuve and Maclean's. 

Laura-Jane Filotrani

London South Bank University, U.K.

Director of International for Arts and Creative Industries at London South Bank University. Laura-Jane is also a Senior Lecturer for BA Journalism and is currently engaged in doctoral research on eSports and broadcast media. 

Laura-Jane comes from a background of consumer publications, trade papers, local news and the national press. She created and launched the current BA programme for Journalism at London South Bank University in 2016.

Her most recent role in industry was with the Financial Times, external link, where she was responsible for all audio output in the newsroom and produced a number of weekly podcasts covering world news, the energy sector, science and the banking sector.

Laura-Jane is also an experienced website builder with the CMS WordPress, and published her first book WordPress for Journalists in July 2018. While Laura-Jane has worked cross-medium and cross-platform as a journalist in all media, audio is her preferred medium.

Michael Kosmides

London South Bank University, U.K.

Lecturer and acting Programme Leader of the BA Journalism programme at the London South Bank University. Michael has extensive experience as a radio producer and programme editor. His most recent industry position was as producer for the popular Morning Business show for Share radio in the UK. He also worked for the BBC World Service for a number of years. Michael is interested in developments around AI, journalism and voice activated news.