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FCAD London

The FCAD London introduces students to the London market through transatlantic creative projects with local partner universities and industry.

In support of our evolving creative hub, we have established an alumni mentorship group that advises both students and faculty members in forming connections within the United Kingdom.

Mentorship Program

Our mentors are FCAD alumni who are making waves in their creative industries and call the UK their home.

They come from many of FCAD's schools and are now passing their wisdom on what it means to forge an international creative career to the growing number of FCAD students who visit the UK on student exchange every year.

Meet our Mentors

Brad Alexander

Brad Alexander, external link
Film/Video and Photographic Arts (BFA)
Class of 1981
CEO of FX Large Limited

  • Focus on creating compelling video content for capital markets
  • Experience in sales, marketing, and project management at six World Exhibitions
Kelvin Chan

Kelvin Chan, external link
Journalism (BAA)
Class of 1999
Business Writer at the Associated Press

  • Previously worked in Hong Kong for Bloomberg and the South China Morning Post
  • Currently, covers technology and Business in Europe for the Associated Press
Jenny Good

Jennifer Good, external link
RTA School of Media (BAH)
Class of 2004
Freelance Writer, Producer, Photographer

  • Member in the Canadian and British television system, including but not limited to: production, program development and reality TV
  • Currently, Program Developer at October Films
Nigel Guerin Garnett

Nigel Guérin-Garnett, external link 
Performance - Dance (BFA)
Class of 2001
Design Consultant at David Kester & Associates and PhD Researcher at Royal Academy of Art

  • Focus on developing experiential technology with top luxury brands i.e., Cartier
  • PhD research examines human relationships with machines through choreography and algorithms
Calvin Lau

Calvin Lau, external link
Journalism (BA)
Class of 2007
Content Designer at Government Digital Service (UK)

Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn, external link
Fashion (BA)
Class of 1991
Fashion Designer and Associate Professor in the Department of Fashion, Kingston School of Art

  • Designed and created pieces for the music industry elite, including but not limited to: Beyonce, Rihanna and The Rolling Stones
  • Featured in Vogue, and at London Fashion Week
Alexandra Ong

Alexandra Ong, external link
RTA School of Media (BA)
Class of 2010
Manager of Strategic Business Development at Adobe

  • Heads up publisher and media owner relations across EMEA for Adobe’s Advertising Cloud business
  • Experience in sales, media planning and buying
Katie Pow

Katie Pow-Rock, external link, opens in new window
Film Studies (BFA)
Class of 1999
Filmmaker & Producer

  • Experience in directing, editing, post production, advertising, film costume design and set design
  • Currently, producing a live action short film called The Truthful Phone
Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell, external link
Film/Cinema/Video Studies (BFA)
Class of 2013
Freelance Creative Producer

  • Focus on music videos and commercial production
  • Experience in the business of production, including logistics, budgeting, pre- and post-production
Alanna Rasbach

Alanna Rasbach, external link
Professional Communication (MPC)
Class of 2012
Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions EMEA at Salesforce

  • Previously worked at WorldPay as Partner Marketing Manager, and holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Experience in communications and marketing in technology and higher education sectors
Manori Ravindran

Manori Ravindran, external link
Journalism (MJ)
Class of 2012
International Editor at Variety

  • Previous positions include Editor of TBI Magazine, and International Editor of Broadcast Magazine
  • Experience in arts and entertainment coverage, breaking news, and feature writing
Alanna Satur

Alanna Satur, external link
Journalism (BA)
Class of 2003
News Manager at NBC News

  • Four years experience at NBC, including as a Senior Assignment Desk Editor, and 10 years experience in production at CTV News
  • Experience in field production, breaking news, and international news coverage
Diana Whistance Smith

Diana Whistance-Smith, external link
Journalism (BA)
Class of 2017
Digital Account Manager at

  • Focus on managing accounts of a marketing agency that focuses on tech and health
  • Experience in content creation, management, and digital journalism
Stephanie Wells

Stephanie Wells, external link
Journalism (BA)
Class of 2006
Senior Producer, CNN International

  • Produced live coverage of major events including the UK’s Brexit referendum, and multiple general elections in the UK and Canada
  • Experience in breaking news, live control room production, and producing original stories

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