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FCAD New York

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FCAD NYC gives FCAD students a real window into the US creative market.

It kickstarts in 2020 in partnership with the DMZ, the world’s leading university-based incubator, offering a unique set of activities that foster Canadian innovation in the U.S., with a focus on creative industries and technologies, and boost Canada’s brand in the U.S. as an exporter of innovation.

The hub’s main objective is to give FCAD students a real window into the global market to explore diverse approaches to creativity and innovation. Such international hubs foster Canadian talent and promote Canadian innovation at the international level by offering research and creative opportunities, and networking links to local industries, for both students and faculty members. With FCAD’s nine schools in media and creative industries, New York City is an important strategic expansion to empower students and faculty with access to the world’s cultural epicentre.

FCAD-DMZ Creative Entrepreneurship

The FCAD-DMZ partnership will give a landing pad in New York City for students and startups as well as mentoring opportunities to help develop a global perspective on some of the faculty’s most promising business ideas.

FCAD-DMZ New York will offer the following creative entrepreneurship opportunities:

  • Mentoring students on creative entrepreneurship from a U.S. lens
  • Helping Canadian startups penetrate the U.S. market
  • Partnering up with local universities and industry on innovative projects
  • Showcasing Canadian creativity and innovation to the U.S. industry
  • Introducing export as a Canadian strategy for economic growth

The hub is located at Primary near the southern tip of Manhattan, the 25,000-square-foot heritage space gives emerging entrepreneurs easier access to the global market, and a chance to work with other members of New York's startup community.

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The FCAD New York Hub will also offer a wide-range of experiential learning opportunities in the U.S. to all FCAD students, ranging from collaborative projects and joint workshops with top-tier universities to entrepreneurship-driven design solutions in partnership with industry.