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Rubix profiles influential research and innovation at FCAD

The innovative research works of faculty and students were showcased at FCAD’s largest annual event, RUBIX
November 05, 2019

TORONTO, November 5, 2019 -- The cutting-edge research works of faculty and four undergraduate students were exhibited at RUBIX, FCAD’s fifth annual showcase of scholarly, research and creative activity (SRC). The unique innovations were brought to life in the Catalyst, FCAD’s large-scale SRC space, bringing together boundary-pushing minds from across the creative industries to explore, innovate, and impact the world we live in. This year, the showcase featured 41 exhibits presented by 39 exhibitors who are thought leaders from across FCAD’s nine schools; The research projects addressed themes of history, culture, digital media, identity and design processes.

RUBIX happening in the main area of the Catalyst. SRC activities are showcased on tables with white tablecloths, posters are set up, and the room is filled with researchers in conversations.

FCAD's annual showcase of Scholarly, Research and Creative activity attracts crowds to The Catalyst

Pepper, a humanoid robot, awake and on display at RUBIX interacting with people.

Pepper, the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions, interacts with scholars at RUBIX as a part of a research showcase. This project investigates the integration of robotic technology in healthcare communication. Led by: Frauke Zeller, Hermenio Lima, Rosilene Lanzini, David Harris Smith, and Lauren Dwyer

“FCAD’s scholarly, research and creative activities push boundaries, explore new ideas and inspire creative ways of thinking,” said Steven Liss, vice-president of research and innovation at Ryerson University. “RUBIX is a dynamic showcase that reflects the energy of FCAD’s innovative and accomplished makers, creators and researchers.”

The exhibits at RUBIX range from articles and films to performances and new media installations; These displays both engage and connect the Ryerson community, industry leaders and partners with FCAD’s SRC activity and often ignite new creative collaborations within the faculty.

Two young women sitting across from each other at a table, talking and working on the fabrics scattered on the table.
Creativity Everything: Founded by David Gauntlett, Canada Research Chair in Creative Innovation and Learning, the Creativity Everything Lab seeks to explore ways to unlock people's creativity for individual self-expression, creative production, and social engagement.
A young man viewing through a VR headset and standing in front of a Hong Kong 360 poster.
Hong Kong 360: Using 360० video technology, Adrian Ma, Gary Gould, Joshua Cameron, Adam Chen, and Stephanie Liu explore the stunning city of Hong Kong. Over the past two summers, students have created documentary episodes based on their street-level reporting in Hong Kong.
Window display of the creative process of making a dress. Items in the display include: dresses on a mannequin and different fabrics and materials pinned to the wall.
The handDress: Inspired by the intersection of art, 3D printing technology, and fashion, Danielle Martin created a window display exhibit that aims to emphasize the significance of handwork in the creative process of making a dress.
Room filled with seated guests watching a presentation for Project Finding Home: Migration, Placemaking, & Research Creation.
Project Finding Home: Migration, Placemaking, & Research Creation - employs a multi-modal approach to examine what home is for those who have had to abandon their homelands. Led by: Marusya Borciurkiw, Jennifer Ma, Ayat Salih, and MCC Toronto.

FCAD’s creative edge is the reason its faculty members, research directors and associates are sought-after as research collaborators, speakers, and partners with academic institutions, industry and government, all over the world. They are leaders in a broad array of disciplines including creative data, interactive and immersive experiences and audience behavior. From human-robot interactions to sustainable consumer packaging and audience-centred live storytelling, the diversity of work done in Ryerson FCAD is innovative and impactful at the global level. 

“This creative innovation drives partnerships with organizations like Google, AutoDesk, Myant, Luminato, TIFF, and many more,” said Charles Falzon, dean of FCAD. “We are all better than the sum of our parts — Together, we continue to collaborate, innovate and push boundaries for impact in the creative fields, not just in Canada, but in the world,” 

This year, RUBIX is celebrating its fifth year of being the largest event at FCAD, in both scale and attendance, and will continue to highlight, develop, and support the growth of SRC activity.

Learn more about this year’s featured projects:

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