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FCAD mobilizes creatives to join nation-wide campaign

In partnership with Canadian academic institutions and cultural organizations, The Creative Innovation Studio initiates campaign to unite Canadians during pandemic
April 14, 2020

The Creative Innovation Studio is working alongside a number of Canadian academic institutions and cultural organizations to sponsor a series of creative  workshops, across various disciplines, that are open to participants of all ages, in an effort to encourage Canadians to create content about how they are feeling during the pandemic. 

“We are facing unprecedented changes, fears, disconnection, and new ways of being,” says Ramona Pringle, director of the Creative Innovation Studio. “With physical distancing measures in effect, an increasing state of anxiety and restlessness, and the uncertainty of what the next few weeks and months will look like, there is a greater need for us to connect and cultivate a deeper sense of community. We need creativity now more than ever.”

This initiative is an opportunity for Canadians of all ages to connect with each other, and with themselves; to find common ground, and most of all, to express themselves creatively. 

Inspired by the United Nations’ open call to creatives, this initiative is a collective effort coordinated by FCAD to create an opportunity for students and the general public to share their feelings through art and creativity. So far the partners include: Humber College, Sheridan College, Toronto Public Library, Independent Web Creators of Canada (IWCC), Interactive Ontario, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Artscape, imagineNATIVE, the Independent Production Fund (IPF), Ramp Communications, National Film Board of Canada, OCAD University, Canadian Film Centre, and The Second City. FCAD will be announcing more exciting partners in the week to come, including media, arts and cultural organizations, in an effort to expand the campaign scope and reach. 

A headshot of Ramona Pringle against a black background. She looks at the camera with a slight smile and has blonde hair with light curls. Ramona is wearing a black leather jacket.

Director of The Creative Innovation Studio and Associate Professor at the RTA School of Media, Ramona Pringle

Under the leadership of Pringle, this campaign aims to mobilize Canada’s creative community to unify Canadians through shared creation. The campaign will also provide financial support to members of the creative community who are in need, through micro grants for independent artists. 

Each week, partner organizations will host live, online participatory creative workshops covering the gamut of creativity – photography, comedy, design, podcasts and audio production, music, web series production and much more – all with the tools and equipment people have access to, at home.

An iphone lays on a laptop with a virtual conferencing application launching on the phone. Both devices lay on a white table beside a set of black headphones.

Virtual conferencing tools put to use via smart phones and computers

A photograph of Toronto's famous skyline with the CN Tower. The sky has pink and purple hues in the background. The city's skyline reflects off the water of the lake.

The city of Toronto

The campaign is expected to launch on April 27, with the first series of workshops to begin on May 4.

Stay tuned for more announcements, including partner organizations, and details about workshops and affiliated artists.


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