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Global Campus Studio Live students co-produce shows with worldwide partners

FCAD students collaborate with international peers to co-produce The New Normal, an online show about life during a pandemic
May 12, 2020

Students in the RTA School of Media worked within Global Campus Studio (GCS) Live’s international network to collaborate with peers from eight universities, virtually co-creating six productions. This year’s show, called The New Normal, external link, opens in new window, is a six-part series in which students speak to their individual pandemic experiences and discuss related topics. 

The large-scale international collaboration included media production and journalism students from the US, Brazil, The Netherlands, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. 

“To my knowledge, this is the only project of its kind in the world when it comes to students working hand in hand with other international students on every aspect of the production,” says Marion Coomey, Associate Professor at the RTA School of Media and Executive Producer of GCS Live. “In any given year, the topic we pick is about seeing the world without travelling... It really allows students to establish international connections and see how the rest of the world is living during COVID-19.”

Students from around the world co-produce The New Normal show

Rolling credits for one of the New Normal epsiodes

Mastering 21st Century skills 

GCS Live is an international student media network that co-produces annual video productions with partners worldwide and provides students with the opportunity to participate in international storytelling practice.

Marion Coomey co-produces the shows with her International Media Production class in collaboration with students from across the world. She created and introduced the platform to support students’ international industry connections 12 years ago; providing students with invaluable global learning experiences and connections. The platform has since then inspired the development of Global Campus Studio which now hosts full courses that are focused on international collaboration and co-creation across various media platforms including virtual reality, gaming, theatre, interactive apps and more.

Regularly, students partaking in GCS Live use advanced live conferencing tools to co-create live video productions in real-time. In order to adapt to present circumstances, faculty and students have utilized other social video conferencing platforms, like Zoom. 

Marion Coomey, Associate Professor at the RTA School of Media and Executive Producer of GCS Live

An episode from The New Normal, an online show about life during a pandemic

Students’ take on the experience 

Megan Laursen, a fourth-year student specializing in Media Production, says that her experience was extremely valuable and acted as a unique learning opportunity and an important point of connection during the pandemic. “Now more than ever, online connection is such an important part of living in isolation. As a student, having the opportunity to connect with other students on an international scale and talk about what we’re going through as a generation was such an amazing experience,” says Megan.

GCS Live brings together international perspectives, diverse skill-sets and most importantly, it helps bring together the international creative community. Leveraging tight-knit partnerships from around the world, FCAD is proud to disrupt traditional international boundaries and deliver students unparalleled hands-on global experiences in the heart of downtown Toronto.

FCAD at Ryerson University

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With 23 undergraduate and graduate programs that are shaping the future of their fields and tight-knit partnerships around the world, FCAD offers more opportunities to educate the next generation of creative leaders than anywhere else.


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