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FCAD launches a global forum to reimagine remote learning

With the launch of the Global Creative Learning Forum, leading higher education institutions are set to innovate solutions to remote teaching in the creative industries
November 17, 2020

The global coronavirus outbreak has pressed pause on international travel, presenting obvious challenges for teaching and learning. Despite these obstacles, the pandemic has sparked a learning revolution in higher education. The shared struggle of remote teaching and learning during the pandemic has fostered a newfound sense of unity across borders and unprecedented spirit of collaboration. Inspired to continue pushing the envelope of innovative education, leading post-secondary institutions were invited by FCAD to come together to reimagine education in the creative industries.

Global Creative Learning Forum

FCAD has partnered with four leading international institutions to the  international forum inviting representatives from Germany, Holland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom  to join monthly video conferencing meetings. The forum provides representatives with the opportunity to exchange innovative ideas, ask questions, address specific dilemmas, and share new successes related to remote and blended teaching in creative industries. The Global Creative Learning Forum focuses on exchanging knowledge and ideas on themes including innovative education for media and creative industries; application of creativity and experience design to the educational experience; and international collaborative education.

“The idea came to me after having several discussions with international partners about our experiences of the global pandemic and was struck by how similar they are. Many people who are working in higher education are in the process of reimagining teaching and learning. Our goal is to create the best learning environment for our students so they could thrive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. There is no better time to come together to think, explore, share and reimagine.”

Screen shot of Global creative learning forum

A Zoom meeting with representatives from the Global Creative Learning Forum

International Academic Partners

As part of the Global Creative Learning Forum, a bi-monthly speaker series is set to begin in January 2021. International academic partners include Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) in Stuttgart, Germany; Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong; and London South Bank University in London, United Kingdom. Each institution is also invited to populate a collaborative open calendar with related events to encourage faculty to tune into current happenings at each participating institution in the forum.

FCAD and International Members

Founded by the FCAD team in Toronto including Dr. Lorena Escandon, FCAD Faculty Lead; Rana Latif, Director of Strategic Development and Marketing; and Sadia Kamran, Manager of International Development, the forum is joined by faculty and staff from Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Hong Kong and London.

Joining from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute is (AMFI) is director Dirk Reynders,  Joining from Stuttgart, Germany is Dr. Swaran Sandhu, Professor in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and Michael Weisshaupt, Professor of Human Resources Management at Stuttgart Media University. From Hong Kong Baptist University the forum is joined by Kingsley Ng, Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts). Last but not least, the forum also includes Dr. Helen Powell, Course Director of Creative Advertising with Marketing, at London South Bank University. 

Lorena Escandon

Dr. Lorena Escandon, Assistant Professor at School of Creative Industries

FCAD staff, Rana Latif smiling with a green tree background

Rana Latif, Director of Strategic Development and Marketing

FCAD staff, Sadia Kamran in a black turtleneck and blurred background slightly smiling

Sadia Kamran, Manager of International Development

FCAD Virtual Forum

The Global Creative Learning Forum is inspired by the success of the FCAD Virtual Forum, an internal initiative at FCAD to reimagine remote and blended teaching during the COVID-19 lockdown. The FCAD Virtual Forum has resulted in innovative educational ideas, such as incorporating immersive video experiences, creating connected virtual communities, external link, and developing online means of real-time co-creation such as sending students robot-building kits to explore tangible media and teaching creative processes using digital tools like Minecraft. The success of this initiative has encouraged FCAD to launch the international forum to further explore new ideas and push the envelope of innovative education.

FCAD at Ryerson University

Entering its eighth decade, FCAD is a global centre of media and creative invention. As a disrupter in innovative education, FCAD is dedicated to developing creators with authentic voices who engage directly with creative industries around the world.

With 23 undergraduate and graduate programs that are shaping the future of their fields and tight-knit partnerships around the world, FCAD offers more opportunities to educate the next generation of creative leaders than anywhere else.