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FCAD trailblazers making an impact in the creative industries.

Graduate Spotlight

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Andrew Cividino, IMA '06

Emily Mills, Journalism '05

Jeremy Podeswa, IMA '84

Creative Trailblazers

In Their Own Words

"The most interesting thing about the program, by far, is the fact that I can tailor the program to fit my needs and wants. I am able to focus on fashion and publishing, two areas I’m passionate about, and combine them with a general business and entrepreneurial background."

Katies Didow, School of Creative Industries '17

"I believe I graduated as a creator and advocate, as well as a performer. They really push the importance of the creation process there, how to make your own work, whether it’s a play or installation or creating a character. This is incredibly important as a working performer: we need to create."

Rebecca Liddiard, School of Performance, Theatre '13

"ProCom doesn’t tie you down to a specific niche, it allows you to explore and gives you flexibility. Communications is a wide field and ProCom gives you the tools to approach all the different facets and lets you do what you want."

Andrew Fullerton, School of Professional Communication '17

"The School of Performance set me up with an amazing knowledge base of technical and managerial skills that I could take out into the wider entertainment industry. I'd certainly be lost without the critical thinking skills I developed during my undergrad."

Evan Sandham, School of Performance, Performance Production '16

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