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Faculty of Communication & Design

Launched in the fall of 2013, this innovative and interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree program studies the creative fields from the perspective of enterprise development and entrepreneurship.  It is intended for students who envision an entrepreneurial career in media, design, entertainment or the visual and performing arts, and who are motivated to learn both how the creative process functions in these industries and how emerging technologies are reshaping them.

The program is the first of its kind in Canada or North America and incorporates business courses as well as creative studies within the other eight FCAD Schools – Fashion, Graphic Communications Management, Image Arts, Interior Design, Journalism, Professional Communication, RTA/Media, and Theatre.

Some of the particularly unique features offered by the program include:

  • a Bachelor of Arts degree with a business specialization
  • 13 distinct creative-content modules that cover topics such as the music industry, fashion, acting and dance studies, the business and practice of news, curatorial practices, the art and business of film, and publishing and printing.
  • a work placement in a creative company that is integrated into the 4th year of the program, and
  • upper level courses that focus on collaboration, teamwork, negotiation skills and managing creative enterprises. 

Graduating students acquire a distinctive mix of business, communication and management skills that, combined with creative studies, will enable them to build unique and successful careers in these rapidly evolving and growing fields.   Examples of typical roles they might expect on graduation include book publisher, literary agent, editor, marketing coordinator, fashion show coordinator, programmer, social media and advertising expert, visual merchandiser, live event manager, artist representative, casting agent, publicist, gallery manager, curator, fundraiser or policy/communications analyst

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