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Faculty of Communication & Design

The School of Professional Communication offers study in the written, oral, visual and media communication practices that are integral to such fields as healthcare, law, government, business, advertising, science, and technology. 

In addition to providing undergraduate studies to students from programs across the University, the School recently launched a full-time four-year Bachelor’s program in Professional Communication. 

The School also offers an accelerated one year Master’s program that provides students with both research and internship opportunities.  

During the four years of the undergraduate program, students have the opportunity to work with industries, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as professional groups.  Students focus their academic work on one of four study streams:  organizational/corporate/nonprofit charities; new media/technical communication; governance/public policy/international communication; and science/health communications.  

Throughout, students are introduced to the theories and practices that underpin effective textual, visual and oral communication. They are also exposed to leading-edge technologies with which to learn and apply principles of visual design and social media platforms. 

Graduates from the program go on to work in a variety of areas, including public relations, corporate communications, government, and the nonprofit sector.  

Interested in applying to the School of Professional Communication? 

How To Apply – Undergraduate Studies

How To Apply – Graduate Studies