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Centres & Labs

Research Centres

Centre for Communication Knowledge (CCK)

CCK provides paid opportunities for students interested in content and media production, ranging from websites, videos, posters, social media, and more.

Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change

, external link, opens in new windowExplores fashion’s power to foster diversity, equity and inclusion and lead social change through active research and creative approaches.

Centre for Free Expression

Undertakes education, research and advocacy in relation to free expression and those rights for which freedom of expression is the foundation, such as freedom of the press, speech, association, assembly and belief.

Documentary Media Research Centre

Develops new scholarship, research and production methodologies in all forms of contemporary documentary practice.

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Print Media Research Centre

Works with industry partners to advance the areas of premedia, printing and finishing on an international scale.

Research Labs & Networks

Allan Slaight Radio Institute
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A preeminent destination for students passionate about radio and looking to position themselves to take their roles as the next generation of broadcast leaders. The Institute provides students with access to new studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software.

Audience Lab

Aims to understand contemporary media consumption and user/audience experiences, in emerging areas of digital communication and human-computer interactions.

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Creative Technology Network

Brings together high-impact researchers and projects pushing the boundaries of digital technology and creative exploration.

Creativity Everything Lab
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A broad and inclusive approach to creativity, connecting ideas from a range of disciplines, and seeking to embrace a diverse range of creators and creative practices.

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Experiential Media Institute (XMI)

Explores opportunities offered by the convergence of media practices in content creation, audience relationships and emergent business models.

FCAD Design Network
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Promotes a critically-informed research agenda that fosters the integration of design tools, methods and knowledge to advance humanities, social sciences and creative research.

Future of Live Entertainment Lab

Working with Cirque du Soleil on integrating technology into human performance, live audience analytics, and generating insights into the paradigms shaping live entertainment.

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Global Communication Governance Lab

Supports academic research on key questions related to the structure and governance of communication industries.

Infoscape Research Lab
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Hosts research projects that focus on the cultural and political impact of digital code, particularly social media.

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Media Innovation Research Lab

Conducts research on media product innovation.

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An incubator for Indigenous art, storytelling and research creation, and a place to mentor Indigenous students and researchers.

Studio for Media Activism & Critical Though
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Works to blur the boundaries between media artmaking, activism and theoretical/ scholarly investigation in the areas of media studies, critical theory, cultural studies, activism, Aboriginal, critical race, feminist and queer studies and social justice.

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A research playground where physical materials, analogue sensors and digital media come together in novel ways to support creativity and expression.

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The Paradox

Focuses on innovating creative products by applying artificially intelligent data science.

The Global Experiential Sport Lab
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Connects academics with the shifting digital landscape of the sport media industry, to develop and commercialize digital media in sports.