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Faculty of Communication & Design

FCAD Faculty Resources

The first point of contact for FCAD faculty members is Bryce Wicks, the FCAD Research Accounts Support Officer. You can arrange an appointment by contacting her at or ext. 2381. The following details the type of support Bryce can provide. 

Guidance and Training

  • Provide advice and information on granting agency regulations and university policies and procedures
  • Research Information System training
  • A one-on-one Oracle/iExpense training
  • eHR training for RAs & PIs

Human Resources    

  • budgeting & hiring costs of Research Support Personnel (RAs, Technicians, Independent Contractors & Consultants)
  • Hiring process (e-Appoint) & Contracts
  • Ensuring students are paid (eHR/RIS)


  • iExpense - reimbursements when you have paid out of pocket
  • iProcurement - when you need an invoice paid or a large purchase facilitated
  • Running financial reports on your grants - find a balance, trace
    and expense etc.

Information on other resources for FCAD faculty and students are also available through the  FCAD Service Catalogue.


Ryerson University Resources

The University also provides faculty resources through the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation, as well as through Ryerson's Financial Services and Human Resources departments.

Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation:

Financial Services: 

Human Resources: