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FCS Moves to Online Academic Appeals

January 08, 2021

As of January 12, 2021, a new automated appeal system is available to all Faculties in Ryerson (with the exception of the Faculty of Law and Graduate Studies).

Undergraduate students enrolled in an undergraduate program wishing to appeal their standing in their program, and/or to appeal a grade received in courses taught in any Faculty (with the exception of Faculty of Law and Graduate Studies), are to use the new online appeals system to submit their request.

Submission process for all undergraduate student grade and standing appeals:

  • Access to the submission portal. Use your my.ryerson credential to login. Detailed instructions regarding submission, resources on academic appeals are provided.
  • Aftering submitting an academic appeal through the online system, the relevant decision-maker, Student Records and the Senate Office will receive a notification through their Ryerson e-mail. The decision-maker will be able to assess the merits of the appeal and submit their decision through the administrative online system. When their decision is issued, the student, Student Records, the Senate Office and other relevant stakeholders will be notified through their Ryerson e-mail of the decision.
  • The system will be used for all levels of appeals, making the process streamlined and efficient. 

Please note: The online appeal system is not available for Graduate Studies grade and standing appeal submissions. Graduate Studies students who wish to submit an academic appeal are required to follow the current existing process by submitting a hardcopy of their appeal to the relevant Department/School.  

Graduate Studies Faculty-level grade and standing appeal submissions can be emailed to Katy Fahimi ( and addressed to:  

  • Jennifer Martin, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and SRC for all faculty-level graduate student appeals

Visit the Registrar’s Office for general information, deadlines and updates relating to student appeals.