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Navigating Ryerson through winter

Use Ryerson’s bridges and tunnels to keep warm during the colder months
By: Madison Henry, urban planning student and FCS Student Storyteller
December 03, 2018

Instead of going outside, see how far you can get staying inside.

The part of the year that I fear the most is coming up on us quickly. It’s getting cold and, like most other people, I absolutely hate going outside in the winter.

Luckily for me, Ryerson has a pretty good network of bridges and tunnels to get you from place to place. Hopefully, you’ll never have to go outside again. Here’s a quick guide to getting around campus in the cold.

The PATH to campus

First things first. Like most students, I get to school by GO train and, in the winter, the journey from Union Station to campus feels like a 100 kilometer trek. The city has a pretty intricate mall and PATH system underneath the streets and it can bring you right from Union to 10 Dundas or the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM.) 

This route is barrier-free.

Student Learning Centre (SLC) to Library

If you have a class anywhere other than 10 Dundas or TRSM, you’re going to have to go outside. Once you leave 10 Dundas, it’s a short distance to the SLC. Once you’re in the SLC, you can take the stairs or the elevator one level up to get into the Library Building, which also connects to the Podium Building and Jorgenson Hall.

This route is barrier-free.

Library to Kerr Hall

After the Library Building, it’s easy to get to Kerr Hall if you go through the bridge past Ryerson Eats (what used to be Tim Hortons) on the second floor. Fun fact: I actually didn’t know that this was a bridge. I always thought that Kerr Hall and the library were in the same building, with different names.

This route is barrier-free.

Kerr Hall to Rogers Communication Centre (RCC)

If you have to go east of Kerr Hall, instead of waiting outside at the lights to cross Church Street, you can just take the bridge from Kerr Hall to RCC. The bridge runs from the second floor of Kerr Hall East to the second floor of the RCC, where you can take the stairs or the elevator down to the first level. I think that this bridge is also a great place to take pictures, but that’s just me.

This route is barrier-free.

Kerr Hall to Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC)

Lastly, you can get to the RAC from Kerr Hall. I didn’t know that this was a thing until about a month ago (don’t judge.)  Take the stairs or the elevator down to the bottom floor of Kerr Hall (between Kerr Hall North and Kerr Hall East,) go past the pool and turn right to get into the RAC. Just make sure that you have your student card when you go.

Anyone in a wheelchair accessing the RAC from this entrance can use the intercomm adjacent to the door to notify customer service staff to assist in opening the doors.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this article that can help you during the colder months. Just thinking about winter makes me cold. My dream is to one day have all of the buildings on campus connected by underground tunnels. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen but I'm keeping hope alive.

If I missed anything, let me know on Twitter via @msavestheworld, external link.