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FCS COVID-19 Information and Updates

Page updated: July 27, 2021

At the Faculty of Community Services (FCS), we are encouraged by the positive progress that has been made as our province moves into a stage of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As we increase the number of on-campus classes and activities, fall 2021 will be a period of transition at our university as we prepare for a full return to all activities on campus in January 2022.


This fall, the majority of classes will continue to be delivered remotely. However, some students will have the opportunity to return to campus for limited in-person learning opportunities and a growing number of in-person extracurricular activities. 

We understand that remote learning has been challenging for many students. We are truly excited to welcome some students back to campus safely this fall. We extend a warm welcome to our first and second year students, who may never have been on campus, and a warm welcome back to our upper year students, who have been away from campus since March 2020.

The return will be partial, but between some in-person classes and other increased in-person extra-curricular activities, we hope that there will be a growing sense of community and connection this fall.

We also understand that some students may be experiencing anxiety around a partial return to campus. As always, the health and safety of our community remains a top priority. While it is likely that physical distancing and capacity limits will no longer be in place, we will continue to adhere to our mask policy and procedure and continue to follow the safety protocols we have put in place on campus, including enhanced cleaning, ventilation and air purification, in order to make our campus as safe and welcoming as possible for all of you. We encourage you to visit the Student Wellbeing website to learn more about services and resources to support your mental health.

Limited In-Person Learning and Teaching

As communicated in an update from the president on July 21, the university will offer limited in-person learning and teaching for the fall semester. 

Undergraduate students: The following courses will have at least one on-campus section delivered this fall. By default students will be enrolled in virtual courses, however those students who wish to switch into an in-person course can do so during their enrolment period in RAMSS. This process may be different for students in Nursing and Midwifery for which there may be some required in-person classes. For additional information please visit Course Enrolment.

Graduate students: Graduate students should contact their graduate program administrator regarding orientation, course offerings, proof of enrolment, and questions related to course enrolment dates and procedures. If you will be enrolling in classes by self-service, you can check on course offerings and status on RAMSS.

It is important to note that capacity of on-campus sections may be limited.

Child and Youth Care - Undergraduate

Course Code
Course Name
CYC 303 Internship I
CYC 607 Therapeutic Assessment
CYC 60A Internship II-A

Child and Youth Care - Graduate

Course Code
Course Name
CYC 8001 Child and Youth Care Theory

Disability Studies - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
DST 300 Whose Lives Matter?
DST 508 Cripping the Arts in Canada

Early Childhood Studies - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
CLD 205 Children's Social/Emotional Well-Being
CLD 231 Families in Canadian Context I
CLD 314 Literacy in the Early Years
CLD 317 Concept Development in Math
CLD 322 Research I: Methods
CLD 420 Children and Nature
CLD 446 Children and Chronic Illness

Midwifery - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
MWF 109 Critical Appraisal of Research Literature
MWF 11A Social Justice in Midwifery-A
MWF 150 Introduction to Midwifery
MWF 250 Midwifery: Clinical Skills
MWF 344 Advanced Clinical Skills I

There may be some required in-person classes for midwifery students.

Nursing - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
NSE 111 Foundations for Nursing Practice
NSE 203 Advanced Health Assessment
NSE 211 Clinical Practice II
NSE 32A Nursing Practice III-A
NSE 417 Nursing Practice IV

Nursing - Graduate

Course Code Course Name
MN 8957 Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnosis I
MN 8959 Primary Health Care Therapeutics I

There may be some required in-person classes for nursing students.

Nutrition - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
FND 100 Food Science I
FNS 200 Quantity Food Management

Occupational and Public Health - Undergraduate

Course Code Course Name
ENH 610 Parasitology and Pest Control
OHS 314 Physical Agents
POH 105 Ounce of Prevention: Public Health Past
PUB 301 Agents of Communicable Disease

Social Work

All social work classes will be offered virtually this fall.

Urban Planning - Undergraduate

Course Code
Course Name
PLE 515 Environmental Planning
PLE 735 Private Development Seminar
PLE 745 Selected Topics in Planning
PLE 755 Contemporary Urban Design
PLG 720 Advanced Planning Studio II
PLE 785 Field Placement

Urban Planning - Graduate

Course Code
Course Name
PL 8109 Planning Studio
PL 8100 Physical Planning and Design Fundamentals
PL 8102 Institutional and Legal Context of Planning
PL 8103 Finance and Legal Governance
PL 8105 Planning for Sustainability

If you have any questions related to the courses listed above, please contact your school:

FCS Orientation

We’re pleased to invite new undergraduate students entering their first year to our virtual FCS Orientation, taking place online from Monday, August 23 to Friday, September 3.  

At FCS Orientation, you will have the opportunity to virtually meet students from across all nine FCS schools, connect with your program and the faculty, and learn about the resources and supports available to you.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Increased In-Person Extra-Curricular Activities, Access to Campus Buildings and On-Campus Supports and Services

With the easing of physical distancing and capacity restrictions, the university plans to have greatly increased extracurricular activities and non-academic programming this fall for community members who are eager to return to campus, connect with peers, and access services and supports in-person.

Student Updates

Faculty and Staff

At this time, staff who are needed to support the increase of in-person activities will be prioritized for a phased and gradual return to campus. Many staff will continue to work remotely into the fall and managers will provide staff notice if they are required to return to campus. Senior leadership approval continues to be required for any return to campus planning.  

As fall will be a transition period, leaders can also begin developing plans to return additional staff throughout the fall semester to support operational requirements. In the coming weeks, leaders will be provided with guidance on the future of work at Ryerson, as we plan to incorporate new ways of working together that prioritize varying degrees of remote work where possible.

We continue to be thankful to those who have come to campus to support university operations throughout these challenging times.

Faculty and Staff Updates

The Office of the Dean, Faculty of Community Services, is offering services remotely. Staff and faculty in the Dean’s Office are monitoring email and voicemail and continue to be available as needed by phone, email, video chat, etc.

If you need assistance and are not sure who to contact, please check our FCS Dean’s Office staff contacts for more information.

For general inquiries & assistance:

Phone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 6197


Please email all documents that require Dean or Director, Finance, Administration and Planning’s signature to Marisa Nunes who will be able to direct to the appropriate person in the Dean's Office. Once signed electronically, documents will be returned via email or forwarded to the appropriate office on campus.  

Any financial documentation that does not require Dean or Director, Finance, Administration and Planning’s signature can be sent directly to Matthew Bidzinski at  

While we are committed to doing our best to uphold our standard processing time in the Dean's Office of 5 business days, we cannot guarantee this timeline given the circumstances. If your request is urgent, please indicate this in your message.

FCS research administration staff will continue to support our faculty's research efforts.  

Linn Clark will continue to advise on all proposal development and research related questions via phone and email. Linn has extended her availability so please get in touch with her at any time.  

Linda Ling and Natalia Kovaleva will continue to provide research accounting and finance support via email/phone during regular business hours.

We are aware that the OVPRI's office recently sent out an update regarding Ryerson's ongoing support of SRC activities. Their email contains important considerations regarding data collection during this time. To this, we would like to add that travel for research may be affected for a considerable amount of time due to COVID-19 and that you should consult with Linn Clark, OVPRI, or the granting agency when developing your research agenda over the coming months.  

At this time, we are unaware of any potential changes to operations at major funding agencies. Please refer to OVPRI's website for updates as they become available.

If you have taken computers home to work remotely please make sure they are always secure and password protected.

Only save data on the shared Google Drive or faculty shared drive. If you need to download information into your hard drive, please delete (and empty trash) upon completion of the task. Data should not be saved on the hard drive or on any portable devices. While working at home, it is important that all information related to business be kept confidential at all times.

Please send website update requests to If you have a story to tell, please contact Madeleine McGreevy at and Bonte Minnema at