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Faculty of Community Services

An interdisciplinary hub

Opportunities to interact and collaborate are fostered by design

“The students, faculty and staff of these four schools will have new opportunities for interdisciplinary interaction. This will inevitably lead to enhanced collaboration and research in creative ways.” – Lisa Barnoff, Dean

The Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex forms — for the first time at Ryerson — a purposeful cluster of the schools and programs connected to the health sciences, giving critical mass to our longstanding work to create a healthier society.

Currently, these schools and programs are scattered across Ryerson campus. By bringing them together, the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex creates outstanding opportunities for cross-disciplinary teaching, learning and research that take a holistic approach to health and wellness.

A common atrium with a seating area, café, and inviting space to meet and study at the moment of entry encourage the productive collision of students, faculty and staff who until now had been separated and diffused across campus. Welcoming spaces encourage people to stay on campus, and linger between classes. For a largely commuter campus — this is a new invitation to dialogue and interaction.

This proximity is productive. Already, Nutrition and Midwifery are talking about combined work on maternal nutrition.

Greater interdisciplinary collaboration will have a direct, positive impact on community safety, health and wellbeing.

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  • The Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex is opening in Fall 2018.

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