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Faculty and Staff University-wide Award Recipients

Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Award

Kim Collins
School of Disability Studies

Kim Collins sets a gold standard for student engagement through her groundbreaking role in accessible space-making. Kim mentors staff and faculty on building accessible pedagogy that responds to student needs and legacies of colonization and ableism. She works tirelessly to support online, part-time learners by spearheading a thriving social media network which connects underrepresented learners to Ryerson. Kim includes these learners in her scholarly and creative work which centers equity, diversity, and inclusion through its attention to intersectionality. Kim's work goes well above and beyond the requirements of her day-to-day role and sets new precedents for student engagement at Ryerson.

Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award

Anne Harris
School of Occupational and Public Health

Anne Harris's work on occupational cancer surveillance using the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) represents a significant achievement for occupational health research in Canada. Along with collaborators at the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) and Statistics Canada, the project developed applications of CanCHEC for studies of occupational cancer risk factors, including welding, vibration, firefighting, sedentary work, pesticide and shift work. This work has resulted in 8 peer-reviewed papers and entailed mentoring of several trainees and junior researchers. This body of work expanding data resource will provide vital context for future research in the field of occupational epidemiology.

Dean's Service Award

Richard Meldrum
School of Occupational and Public Health

Richard Meldrum has been at Ryerson University for nearly ten years. In that time, his level of service has been exceptional, and has included a significant contribution to academic integrity through his work with the Academic Integrity Council and the Designated Decision Makers Council, as well as his development, implementation and chairing of a Departmental Research Ethics Board for undergraduate research projects. He participates in a number of other committees at the departmental, faculty and university levels.

Dean's Teaching Awards - Contract Lecturers (CUPE 1 and 2)

Lovisa Fung
School of Early Childhood Studies

Lovisa Fung is an inspiring educator who commits herself to professional and personal growth. Her approach to life and learning is a model for students who wish to reach their full potential. Her creativity and sense of fun come to life in the classroom as she delivers course content in a way that students can relate to in their own lives. As a doctoral candidate, her research consistently informs her teaching. Lovisa's strong interpersonal skills promote well-being in the classroom. As a colleague, Lovisa is the best. She works seamlessly with others, creating and sharing ideas for best teaching practices.

Jenna Reid and Danielle Landry
School of Disability Studies 

In the School of Disability Studies, Jenna Reid and Danielle Landry collaborate to teach two undergraduate courses that are advancing the exciting field of Mad Studies. Drawing from social justice art practices, pop culture and multi-media, their non-traditional approach centres Mad history and knowledge. Working gently with a radical shift in point of view, they create real possibilities for transformative learning among students from a diverse range of faculties and programs. This award celebrates the rigour, responsiveness and respect they bring to team-teaching, the accessibility they practice in traditional and virtual classrooms, and their growing contributions to activist scholarship.

Dean's Teaching Awards - Faculty (RFA)

Johanne Jean-Pierre
School of Child and Youth Care

Johanne is a remarkable teacher, pedagogic researcher, curriculum developer, and motivational coach for students. Aside from her extensive focus on experiential teaching methods, she has demonstrated enormous efforts to facilitate and accompany many students to national conferences in order to make presentations; she continuously facilitates the attendance of especially Black students at important community events such as the Viola Desmond Awards, and she worked tirelessly to lift the curriculum of our School to the highest levels of quality, innovation and excellence. Her contributions are priceless.

Errol Aspevig Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership

Lisa Barnoff
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Lisa Barnoff is an outstanding academic leader who has advanced the mission of Ryerson University, and made extraordinary contributions associated with her leadership as Dean of the Faculty of Community Services (FCS) since her term began in 2016. Lisa has demonstrated an exemplary record of administrative service and leadership, having spent 13 of her 17 years at Ryerson University in various administrative roles. Lisa has provided outstanding academic leadership to the Faculty of Community Services, has advanced Ryerson University's mission, and has acted as a role model for inclusive leadership within and beyond the academy.