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2017/18 Faculty Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2017/18 Faculty of Community Services award recipients. Your dedication to excellence is an inspiration to all of us.

Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Awards

Chun-Yip Hon, School of Occupational and Public Health

Chun-Yip Hon is most deserving of the Dean's SRC Award because, as a probationary faculty member, the number of deliverables with respect to publications, conference abstracts and grants are impressive and they all demonstrate a meaningful contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of workers in various industries. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Hon had eight peer-reviewed publications (four as lead author), seven conference presentations (four as lead presenter) and two awarded grants (both as PI). In addition, he supervised a student who defended her master's thesis and also directed six undergraduate students in a Research Project course.

Janet Yamada, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Janet Yamada is an outstanding early-career implementation scientist, who has made exceptional contributions that inform best practices in interdisciplinary clinical care. Her research and scholarship focus on addressing pain in hospitalized infants, asthma management in children, and methodological innovation in knowledge translation and systematic reviews. Her ability to identify and synthesize existing evidence into integrated knowledge to guide future research designs and practice development is unparalleled. Her commitment to research ethics and teamwork makes her a sought-after researcher and collaborator. She has published widely and currently is co-principal and co-investigator in nine funded projects that total over $6.6 million.

Dean's Teaching Awards 

Donna Barnes, School of Nutrition

With 30 years experience of practicing as a registered dietitian in Healthcare and Contract Foodservice Management, and 15 years of teaching experience at Ryerson, Barnes brings knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to the foodservice management courses and nutrition for nursing courses. Having transformed the curriculum to include real Case Competition projects with industry stakeholders, students gain a competitive edge when pursuing their post graduate careers. Barnes also holds the position of VP of Student Development with the Canadian Association for Foodservice Professionals as well as Student Engagement Advisor, School of Nutrition, providing students with career planning in the field of nutrition.

Steve Solomon, School of Social Work

Since 2000, Steve Solomon has made outstanding contributions to our curriculum and to the student experience. Solomon has a passion for supporting and motivating all students. He has the unique capacity to create a classroom environment in which all students are made to feel welcomed, respected and safe. This inclusive environment is especially valued by students that have felt excluded in other academic spaces, and thus enhancing their participation and experiences in the classroom. Solomon's classrooms are the envy of our students as they are able to learn social work with a gifted practitioner and highly skilled educator.

Dean's Teaching Awards (Faculty)

Jasna Schwind, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Increasingly, university students are experiencing stress and anxiety, such that it impedes their academic success and personal wellbeing. Congruent with her teaching-learning philosophy, Jasna Schwind practices holistic person-centred education, where she meaningfully engages students in teaching-learning relationships through creative activities. In addition to creative self-expression of the Narrative Reflective Process, which includes storytelling, metaphors, creative writing and critical reflection, she has been engaging her students in brief mindfulness practices at the start and at the end of each of her weekly classes. Students' feedback consistently express the benefit from these activities, requesting that such be integrated in all courses.

Oona St-Amant, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Oona St-Amant is passionate about teaching-learning and espouses that education happens at 'the hyphen'. This philosophy permeates her work and pushes her for excellence in teaching. Her students admire her ability to be engaging, unpack complex ideas with clarity and invite critical thinking. For St-Amant, teaching and research are not separate initiatives, but coupled aspects of transformative knowledge translation. She is vested in extending Nursing pedagogy and scholarship through her program of research which sheds light on culturally responsive care, global health and unpaid care work through various initiative including performance-arts. 

Janice Waddell Staff and Faculty Collegiality Award

Mary Sharpe, Midwifery Education Program

Mary Sharpe – midwife, associate professor and former director of the Midwifery Education Program – inspires people to find meaning and achieve excellence through working together. Her energetic and positive style of supporting and mentoring others and her ability to foster a spirit of collegiality across professions and disciplines are well known at Ryerson and within the midwifery profession, locally, nationally and internationally. As a teacher, Sharpe shares her love for the day-to-day work of caring for childbearing people and newborns. She inspires students to excel with her enthusiasm for clinical excellence and by involving them in the life of the school and faculty research. At the heart of Sharpe’s work is the desire to create a positive and collaborative environment, modelling respectful leadership and nurturing others proudly from behind.

Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Awards

Maria Burgos, School of Early Childhood Studies

Maria Burgos exemplifies client service. A member of the Ryerson team for 28 years, her work ethic is unparalleled and her knowledge of university systems extraordinary. The care, insight, and compassion that she brings to her role as student affairs coordinator in the School of Early Childhood Studies is beyond compare. Her experience and wisdom guide students to successfully navigate the complexities of our program and university life, in general. Students rely on her to support them and listen to their concerns and she never lets them down. 

Larissa Allen Employee Experience Staff Award

Karen Shamoon, Faculty of Community Services

Karen Shamoon walks the talk of the Faculty of Community Services' deep commitment to making a real impact in the communities in which we work. Shamoon's dedication to the success of her FCS colleagues, schools and students runs deep. This award celebrates the excellence of her work and her authentic engagement and commitment to the values held by Ryerson. It also importantly draws attention to her many contributions that aren't always visible because the nature of her leadership ensures that things run smoothly, professionally and with deep care for her colleagues.

Sue Williams Excellence in Teaching Award

Purnima George, School of Social Work 

Purnima George is the definition of a phenomenal scholar, activist and professor. As a leader in the field of social work and anti-oppressive research, she truly practices the values of respect, justice, and empathy. George expresses her lifelong commitment to social justice through engaging in research with marginalized communities in India and Canada. As a professor, she challenges her students to think critically about social justice, and to embody these values through action as future researchers, practitioners and global citizens. George transforms the classroom into a space where students feel valued, safe, intellectually stimulated and capable of creating meaningful social change. Her dedication to her students extends far beyond the classroom and is expressed through her flexibility, active listening, passion and depth of knowledge. She truly breaks the mould as a professor, and her legacy as a change-maker will endure through the countless students she has guided and inspired.

Cheryllee Bourgeois, Midwifery Education Program 

Cheryllee Bourgeois teaches as sessional faculty in the Midwifery Education Program and is responsible for the creation, design and implementation of the course Aboriginal Midwifery (MWF 108). Cherylee uses a variety of teaching modalities, mediums and styles to critically engage a diverse student population in challenging and critical conversations related to Indigenous peoples and healthcare. Her unique course design and implementation includes an engaging syllabus that is accessible, anti-oppressive, personally and professionally relevant. She uses humour, stories, research, reflective exercises, tactile projects and community relations to meet the course objectives. Her teaching methodologies are respectful, and create space for collaborative thought to address injustices and support resiliency. She is kind to her students while challenging them with high expectations of academic performance. Cheryllee models professional integrity both as an instructor, researcher and as a professional midwife.

Usha George Faculty Recognition Award

Suzanne Fredericks, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

In her role as graduate program director at the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Suzanne Fredericks has led the development of a PhD program, engaged graduate alumni in school events, identified strategies for retaining preceptors, increase recruitment of thesis students, and adapted recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into graduate course content. Fredericks’ service is equally impressive. She actively engages in numerous formal committees at the university. However, her contributions to the university go beyond the “call of duty” and are evident in her outstanding dedication and excellence in providing services, and participating and leading teams that make a transformative impact on academic life and community within the university. Through her dedication to administration and service, Fredericks promotes the reputation of the University; the MN program, its faculty, students, and alumni; and the broader community and nursing profession.

Yeates School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award

Rachel Berman, School of Early Childhood Studies

Currently serving as the graduate program director for the School of Early Childhood Studies, Rachel Berman is an outstanding professor, researcher, mentor, advisor and program administrator. She is sought after as an MRP supervisor and highly regarded for her tireless efforts to create a well-supported culture within the program. Dr. Berman is a strong and vocal advocate for ECS students, highly responsive to their needs and dedicated to ensuring their success both at Ryerson and beyond. Her impressive and long-lasting impact is reflected in the high publication rate for her graduates and their continued academic and professional success post-Ryerson.