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Faculty of Community Services

Research centres

Ryerson’s Faculty of Community Services is home to an active and multidisciplinary research enterprise.

Our research centres bring together scholars, students, professionals and members of the community to address research questions, generate new knowledge and collaborate.

Ryerson City Building Institute

The Ryerson City Building Institute is a multidisciplinary centre focused on issues relevant to city regions nationally and globally. The Institute brings together political leadership, policy ideas and people from diverse backgrounds to address critical urban challenges.  

Globl Health

Centre for Global Health and Health Equity

Guided by principles of equity, social justice, and health as a human right, our mission is to promote greater health equity – locally, nationally and globally.


Centre for Health in At Risk Populations

We support research that promotes health in at-risk groups. By developing and testing psychosocial interventions, we improve the quality of life for individuals living with a range of physical and mental conditions.

Research Centre RCSIA

Centre for Research in Critical Social Inquiry and Action

We provide leadership in rigorous interdisciplinary, critical reflective research. We lead the development of knowledge on communities affected by exclusion and marginalization – paying attention to their diverse realities and experiences.

Food Security Centre

Centre for Studies in Food Security

We promote food security through research, dissemination, education, community action and professional practice.

CUR Centre

Centre for Urban Research and Land Development  

We formulate policies and solutions that address the concerns confronting urban growth and change within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as well as educating students to take leadership roles in these pursuits.

Centre for Nursing

Nursing Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children

We are dedicated to generating new knowledge in the areas of research, education, theory, and policy to influence professional practice related to issues of violence against women and children.