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Student Award Recipients: 2020-21

Congratulations to all student award recipients in the Faculty of Community Services (FCS)!

FCS Awards By the Numbers

 $140,000 + awarded this year

$92,500 awarded this year for new Graduate and Undergraduate Black Student Awards

 108 student award recipients

Dean’s Graduate Writing Award 

  • Taranjeet Grewal, Urban Development (MPl) "Inclusive City Building: Public Engagement Processes in the GTA"
  • Joey (Chun Yi) Lee, Master of Nursing (MN) "Ageism Towards Older Adults: A Global Public Health Crisis"
  • Mandeep Mann, Early Childhood Studies (MA) "Renaming Practices: An Autoethnography of South Asian Names, Identity, and Belonging"
  • Elizabeth Martin, Child and Youth Care (MA) "Childism and Imagination: Severing the Silken Thread"
  • Shaniqua Smith, Master of Social Work (MSW) "Navigating Identity within the context of culture and community: An examination of creative engagement among Black 2SLGBTQ Caribbean-Canadian Artists"
  • Elizabeth Soden, Nutrition Communication (MHSc) "Let's Eat Insects"

Durst Family Award for Indigenous Students

  • Angela Bradley, Social Work  

FCS Aboriginal Student Success Awards

  • Samantha Howden, Social Work 
  • Joleine Kasper, Nutrition Communication (MHSc)
  • Britney Rogerson, Nutrition Communication (MHSc)
  • Cordelia Sheppard, Nutrition and Food 
  • Jessica Sherk, Master of Social Work (MSW)

FCS Dean’s Social Justice Graduate Award (new!)

  • Adam Dhalla, Urban Development (MPl)

FCS Full-time Undergraduate Award

  • Yasmine Gray, Child and Youth Care

FCS Graduate Black Student Awards (new!)

  • Oladunni Aladejebi, Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Justine Campbell, Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Toni-Ann Honeywell, Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Ilham Jilani, Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Dustin MacDonald, Urban Development (MPl)
  • Sabrina Sudhai, Master of Nursing (MN)
  • Tsedey Tola, Master of Nursing (MN)

FCS Part-time Undergraduate Award

  • Aisha Quraishi, Social Work

FCS SRC Innovation Graduate Award (new!)

  • Jessica Sherk, Master of Social Work (MSW)  

FCS Undergraduate Black Student Awards (new!)

  • Muna Abdallah, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Ahmed Addo, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Michaela Adjei-Manu, Social Work 
  • Muna Ali-Johar, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Alyssa Alvis, Child and Youth Care 
  • Jeffrey Ampong, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Brianna Anderson, Social Work 
  • Bianca Angeles-Alleyne, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Ivana Ansah, Public Health 
  • Sadicka Arthur-Bharwani, Child and Youth Care
  • Oluwaseuntemitoope Ayinde, Midwifery
  • Tyrah Azemia, Nutrition and Food 
  • Janet Bailey, Child and Youth Care
  • Kiaunna Spence Bennett, Social Work   
  • Jucelmo Bento, Nutrition and Food 
  • Regina Berko, Disability Studies 
  • Dwight Bleary, Social Work
  • Ava Bowen, Social Work
  • Kadeem Brown, Child and Youth Care
  •  Sinead Coombs, Social Work 
  • Katya Coulton, Collaborative Nursing
  • Jennifer Durand, Social Work
  • Zalika Ellis, Social Work
  • Dinna Esayas, Early Childhood Studies
  • Dallas Franklin, Social Work
  • Andre Fyffe, Child and Youth Care
  • Sanyu Galabuzi-Kassam, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Chellephe Gayle, Disability Studies
  • Yasmine Gray, Child and Youth Care
  • Felimon Henok, Nutrition and Food 
  • Timothy Henry, Child and Youth Care 
  • Jasmine Hussein, Nutrition and Food
  • Nerissa Inniss-Boston, Child and Youth Care
  • Seham Jama, Collaborative Nursing
  • Hillian James, Occupational and Public Health
  • Jamila Kafafi, Social Work
  • Abigail King-Gilliard, Child and Youth Care
  • Anwar Knight, Social Work
  • Kandace Price Lyston, Midwifery 
  • Tahmada Meggoe, Social Work
  • David Mepaiyeda, Early Childhood Studies
  • Samira Mohamed, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Nebila Mohammed, Social Work
  • Mawada Muselem, Early Childhood Studies
  • Kiaisha Nguyen, Urban and Regional Planning  
  • Kimberley Okafor, Public Health
  • Hilda Oni, Collaborative Nursing
  • Callista Onyekwere, Occupational and Public Health
  • Sophia Owenya, Disability Studies
  • David Patrick, Social Work
  • Latanya Pinnock, Child and Youth Care
  • Lareinea Ryan, Social Work
  • Nathan Reid, Nutrition and Food
  • Victoria Ross, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Angellico Samuels, Social Work
  • Michael Segbor, Social Work
  • Nebil Shak, Early Childhood Studies
  • Suheilah Sharif, Collaborative Nursing
  • Angelle Spencer, Occupational and Public Health
  • Tracey Ann Stewart, Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing 
  • Million Tesfamariam, Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing 
  • Terri-Ann Thomas, Social Work
  • Maryama Ulusow, Child and Youth Care
  • Maryam Umeya, Social Work
  • Leslie-Ann Valley, Social Work
  • Shanee Watson, Social Work
  • Doriesha Watson-States, Midwifery
  • Erica Williams, Social Work
  • Kyle Williams, Social Work
  • Stephanie Williams, Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program in Nursing 
  • Firehiwot Wondmagegn, Occupational and Public Health
  • Chanelle Wright, Child and Youth Care
  • Saron Yared, Collaborative Nursing
  • Lellise Yousuf, Collaborative Nursing 
  • Hanan Zakaria, Social Work

Isabella and Oscar Zacharias Undergraduate Research Award

  • Seyedeh-Samin Barakati, Collaborative Nursing  

John Austin Award

  • Nidhi Jose, Social Work

Marvyn Novick Award

  • Leah Levine, Child and Youth Care  

Phillip and Dorothy Barnoff First Generation Student Award

  • Haymattie Bear, Social Work

RBC Community Services Award

  • Amanda Vo, Child and Youth Care

The FCS Social Innovation Award

  • Kyla Platsis, Child and Youth Care

Toronto Eglinton Rotary Club / Dr. Robert McClure Award in Health Science

  • Jasmine Allan-Sferruzzi, Midwifery 
  • Emma Bilodeau, Midwifery 
  • Gillian Kyle, Midwifery  

Usha George Students-in-Action Award

  • Arora Ria, Social Work