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Dean's Office
Centre for Urban Energy (CUE)
Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE)
First-Year Engineering Office (FYEO)
Graduate Studies Office
IEEQB (Internationally Educated Engineers Qualification Bridging Program)
RiO (Research and Innovation Office)
Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation
Undergraduate Engineering Admissions and Recruitment
Undergraduate Studies Office
Aerospace Engineering
Architectural Science
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Contact Name Title Email Phone
Dean's Office (ENG 359)
Dr. Thomas Duever
Dr. Liping Fang Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs x.2621
Dr. Miljana Horvat Associate Dean, Graduate Studies x.3161
Dr. Sri Krishnan Associate Dean, Research and External Partnerships x.4931
Dr. Medhat Shehata Associate Dean, Teaching and Outreach x.6457
Zohair Khan Director, Community Engagement x.3162
Lynsey Kissane Director, Strategy and Communications x.4933
Martha Lee Financial Officer x.4934
Dr. Rafik Loutfy Innovator-in-Residence x.3729
TBA Director, Development TBA N/A
Dorothy Opasinis Administration Manager x.5102
Melissa Rotundo Human Resources Management Consultant x.4959
Dr. Medhat Shehata Faculty Teaching Chair x.6457
Mariska Espinet Departmental and Development Assistant x.6948
Melissa Than Manager, Marketing Communications x.3156
Troy Fullerton Web and Social Media Project Coordinator x.3756
Emily Saso Writer, Marketing and Communications x.543463
Ian Kwan Multimedia Designer and Digital Editor x.543471
Husam Olabi Senior Manager, Engineering and Cooperative Internship Programs x.543462
Dr. Fei Yuan
Director, Quality Assurance x.6100
Rabia Shahab Development and Alumni Officer x.3861
Theeban Pathmanathan Business Systems Specialist x.543536
Monique Daniel Media Relations Specialist x.3729
Rose Ghamari Manager, Student Engagement and Development x.543608
Ashton Jila Partnership Specialist, COOP Internship Programs x.553677
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Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE) (iBoost - 20 Dundas Street West)
Dr. Rafik Loutfy Director N/A
Tarek Sadek
Director, Entrepreneurial Educational Programs N/A
Stephen Pumple Director, Industrial Partnership, iBoost N/A
Tabitha Grant Operations Coordinator, iBoost N/A
Agata Kazimierski Manager x.6091
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Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) (147 Dalhousie Street); Tel: 416-979-5359
Dr. Bala Venkatesh Academic Director x.5359
Parisa Pahlavan Administrative Co-ordinator x.2985
Matthew Kerry Marketing and Communications Manager x.2988
Karen Ho-Cespedes Manager, Research Projects x.2979
Lily Arase Departmental Assistant x.2974
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First-Year Engineering Office (ENG 340B); Email:
Dr. Lamya Amleh
Program Director/Academic Advisor x.6417
Dr. Luaay Hussein
Associate Program Advisor x.3687
Martina Novacic Program Co-ordinator x.4261
Shawzma Multani Program Facilitator x.4502
Atifa Rasoul Projects Co-ordinator x.4929
Jastej Gill Counsellor x.4262
Jean Tsai Counsellor x.4926
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Graduate Studies Office
Dr. Miljana Horvat
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies x.3161
Roel Reyes Graduate Studies Co-ordinator x.4514
Dr. Yaser Dahman
Graduate Program Director, Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship x.4080
Dr. Muhammad Jaseemuddin
Graduate Program Director, Computer Networks x.6073
Dr. Stephen Waldman Graduate Program Director, Biomedical Engineering x.4200
Ting Hong Graduate Program Administrator, Computer Networks x.7218
Jessica Miniaci Graduate Program Administrator, Biomedical Engineering x.7790
Leah Rogan Graduate Program Administrator, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship x.7733
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IEEQB (Internationally Educated Engineers Qualification Bridging Program) (ENG 359)
Dr. Liping Fang
Program Director, IEEQB x.2621
Sothy Son
Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs x.4902
Jean Tsai Counsellor  x.4926
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RiO (Research and Innovation Office) (ENG 370)
Dr. Sri Krishnan
Associate Dean, Research & External Partnerships x.4931
Victoria Farmer Research and Development Co-ordinator x.7910
Xue-Li Robinson
Research Accounts Support Officer - Chemical, Civil, ECE x.4927
Denis Arseneault Research Accounts Support Officer - Aero, Arch, MIE x.4637
Cynthia Warn CRC Administrative Assistant x.7224
Dan McGillivray Distinguished Visiting Professor x.7910
Imran Sheikh
iBest Coordinator x.3639
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Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation; Email:
Dr. Arnold Yuan Academic Director x.6463/3477
Director N/A N/A
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Undergraduate Engineering Admissions and Recruitment (ENG 349/350)
Email: Direct Line: 416-542-5870
Jeff Capel Engineering Liaison/Admissions Officer x.4916
Roxana Rozembaigher Engineering Liaison/Admissions Officer x.2050
Nika Zolfaghari Engineering Enrichment and Outreach Co-ordinator x.7220
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Undergraduate Studies Office
Dr. Liping Fang
Associate Dean, Undergrad Programs & Student Affairs x.2621
Shelby Gaudrault Undergraduate Studies, Office Manager x.4263
Sothy Son Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs x.4902
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Aerospace Engineering (ENG 170)
Dr. Paul Walsh Chair x.7729
Dr. Hekmat Alighanbari
Associate Chair x.7736
Dr. Jeffrey Yokota Associate Chair, Graduate Studies x.4173
Kim Gallo Administrative Assistant x.6466
Francine Belnavis

Departmental Assistant x.5016
Leah Rogan Graduate Program Administrator x.7733
Dr. Jeff Xi RIADI Program Director x.7091
Jenani Arul Program Assistant, RIADI x.4907
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Architectural Science (ARC 203)
Mark Gorgolewski
Chair x.556494
Dr. Paul Floerke Associate Chair, Mobility x.6496
Vincent Hui Associate Chair, Experiential Learning & Co-op x.7962
Dr. June Komisar Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies x.6505
Dr. John Cirka
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Architecture x.6491
Dr. Russell Richman Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Building Science x.6489
Elise Caron
Undergraduate Program Assistant x.6483
Kathleen Sojor Champlin Administrative Coordinator x.2894
Diane Chong Departmental Administrator x.3836
Ricky Urovitz Program Assistant x.5360
Mimi Lam
Graduate Program Administrator M.Arch -
Building Science -
Alexandra Berceanu Communications and Digital & Analogue Specialist x.2597
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Chemical Engineering (KHS 241)
Dr. Simant Upreti Chair x.6344
Dr. Ginette Turcotte
Associate Chair and Co-op Advisor x.7312
Dr. Chil-Hung Cheng
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Chemical Engineering x.4251
Tatjana Grabeljsek Administrative Co-ordinator x.5217
Goretti Praticante Administrative Assistant x.3154
Jessica Miniaci Graduate Program Administrator x.7790
Megan Herrington Departmental Assistant x.5157
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Civil Engineering (MON 221)
Dr. Khaled Sennah Chair x.6460
Dr. Ahmed Shaker Interim Associate Chair x.6458
Dr. Songnian Li Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Civil Engineering x.6450
Kim Kritzer Administrative Assistant x.6452
Dianne Mendonca Departmental Assistant x.5345
Rachel Peluso Graduate Program Administrator x.6459
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Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering (ENG 478)
Dr. Dimitri Androutsos Chair x.5334
Dr. Mike Kassam Associate Chair, Student Affairs x.6103
Dr. Andy Ye Program Director, Computer Engineering x.4901
Dr. Soosan Beheshti Program Director, Electrical Engineering x.4906
Dr. Mike Kassam Program Director, Biomedical Engineering x.6103
Dr. Alagan Anpalagan
Interim Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering x.6079
Mary Mack Administrative Co-ordinator x.6074
Christine Mazurkiewicz
Administrative Assistant x.4903
Yvonne Cordwell Internship Program Assistant x.5052
Marta Toste Departmental Assistant x.5052
Dawn Wright Graduate Program Administrator, Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering x.7732
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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (EPH 300)
Dr. Donatus Oguamanam
Chair x.7490
Dr. Fil Salustri
Associate Chair, Mechanical Engineering x.7749
Dr. Wahab Ismail Mohamed
Associate Chair, Industrial Engineering x.2670
Dr. Ahmad Ghasempoor Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Mech & Ind Eng x.6422
Lynn Reynolds Administrative Co-ordinator x.4159
Lisa Holling Administrative Assistant x.6411
Shirley Dacanay Administrative Assistant, Coop Internship Program x.2129
Lauren Sena Departmental Assistant x.3555
Karen Fajardo Graduate Program Administrator x.7330
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Graduate Program Administrator, Biomedical Engineering

Quick Contacts

Campus Map

Dean's Office (ENG 359)
Mariska Espinet
Departmental and Development Assistant
416-979-5000 ext. 6948

Undergraduate Engineering Admissions and Recruitment
(ENG 349/350)


Aerospace Engineering (ENG 170)
Francine Belnavis
Departmental Assistant

Architectural Science (ARC 203)
Ricky Urovitz
Program Assistant

Chemical Engineering (KHS 241)
Goretti Praticante
Administrative Assistant

Civil Engineering (MON 221)
Dianne Mendonca
Departmental Assistant

Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
(ENG 478)

Marta Toste
Departmental Assistant

First-Year Engineering
(ENG 377)

Shawzma Multani
Program Facilitator
416-979-5000 ext. 4502

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
(EPH 300)

Lauren Sena
Departmental Assistant
416-979-5000 ext. 3555