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Biomedical Zone

Biomedical Zone

The Biomedical Zone is a startup incubator for biomedical and healthcare ventures, immersed in a clinical setting. It supports entrepreneurs, students, clinicians and innovative thinkers as they develop products and solutions addressing today’s most significant global healthcare challenges.

Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE)

In FEAS, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students are poised to be leaders in the fast-paced and multi-faceted world of technology startups. So we created CEIE to train our students not only to be engineers, but to be entrepreneurs as well. CEIE drives innovation and enterprise by providing the necessary resources and supports for students wishing to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours and technology ventures.

Centre for Urban Energy

Centre for Urban Energy (CUE)

CUE empowers urban futures through research and innovation. A unique research and technology demonstration centre, CUE is devoted to the discovery and commercialization of innovative, practical solutions to urban energy issues. CUE is also home to the new Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory.  

Design Fabrication Zone

Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ)

DFZ is a new, interdisciplinary hub for design and fabrication innovation and entrepreneurship. A joint venture between the Department of Architectural Science and the School of Interior Design, DFZ facilitates incubation and acceleration of ideas, and strategically propels design learning and 3-D production towards construction and business innovation.

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science & Technology (iBEST)

iBEST is a unique partnership between St. Michael's Hospital and Ryerson University that brings together mutual strengths in biomedical research and education. Together, iBEST scientists, engineers, clinicians, students and trainees develop innovative solutions that profoundly advance patient care.

Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design & Innovation

Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design & Innovation (RIADI)

RIADI connects today's industry challenges with tomorrow's aviation designers. This unique model of project-based learning places undergraduate aerospace engineering students with industrial corporations over the summer months to work on specific engineering projects.

Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation

Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation (RIII)

Solutions to infrastructure challenges require inspired engineering, and then some. RIII's multidisciplinary approach works to develop smart, sustainable, flexible and resilient solutions to 21st-century infrastructure challenges. An innovation leader in all aspects of infrastructure design, construction, financing, maintenance and operations, RIII seeks collaboration with private industry, public agencies and governments.  

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