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Improving lives, one innovation at a time

In the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), our mission is to inspire the innovation of our students and researchers to serve societal need and ultimately improve the quality of lives around the globe.

Our researchers, students and graduates are catalysts for change:

Dr. Victor Yang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is an engineer and a trained neurosurgeon who's making great strides in surgical innovation. He's one of FEAS' seven Canada Research Chairs.

Civil engineering professor and chair Dr. Khaled Sennah has discovered how to make bridge barriers on our highways and roads safer and more cost-effective.

Biomedical engineering students Michal Prywata and Thiago Caires founded Bionik Laboratories and have recently patented exoskeleton legs for rehabilitation and assistive mobility.

Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Habiba Bougherara designs green joint replacements for hip and knee implants, improving longevity of the devices.

Electrical engineering students Elmer Atagu and Igor Ivanecky are helping to reduce driver fatalities caused by drowsiness. The students designed a driver alertness monitoring system which monitors the opening and closing of a driver's eyes, and alerts the driver if drowsiness is sensed.

CUE researchers are making great strides in the area of urban energy. They have helped Toronto prepare for the electric car era, developed a system to harness, store and control wind power, helped a major energy provider reduce its carbon footprint, enhanced smart grid communications, and more.

Biomedical engineering students Naveed Ghandehari, Vepeson Wijeyakulasingam and Aravind Yohanathan designed an identification system for medication management.

Dr. Russell Richman (Architectural Science) increases the energy efficiency of aging housing stock in large cities.

Canada Research Chair Dr. Joseph Chow (Civil Engineering) is making urban transit systems smarter, more efficient, and responsive to changing demands.

Each year during National Engineering Month, Ryerson engineering students push a Volkswagen bug around the Quad for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children.

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Architecture professor and students build a rural school in Ghana


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