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Our First-Year Ambassadors are here to support your transition to Ryerson! Join the conversation and meet your peers on our Facebook Group.  

Please direct all questions about the program to Atifa Rasoul at or Sabrina Ciardullo at

Abenaya, Civil, 2nd Year

Email Abenaya

Folake, Biomedical, 4th Year

Email Folake

Neel, Computer, 2nd Year

Email Neel

Seba, Mechanical, 3rd Year

Email Seba

JD, Mechanical, 4th Year

Email JD

Nicholas, Industrial, 2nd Year

Email Nicholas

Sohaib, Mechanical, 4th Year

Email Sohaib

Tarab, Aerospace, 2nd Year

Email Tarab

Anthony, Chemical, 3rd Year

Email Anthony

Jeffrey, Aerospace, 3rd Year

Email Jeffrey

Nida, Chemical, 4th Year

Email Nida

Warisha, Mechanical, 3rd Year

Email Warisha

Claudia, Biomedical, 3rd Year

Email Claudia

Namrata, Biomedical, 3rd Year

Email Namrata

Sabrina, Biomedical, 4th Year

Email Sabrina