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Amir Mowla

"Ryerson [has] nice professors, good facilities and good equipment, so it makes the research better."


Name: Amir Mowla

Age: 23

Hometown: Shiraz, Iran

Program: Master of Applied Science, Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate degree: BSc in Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran

Why did you choose Ryerson for your Master’s education?

In the third year of my bachelor program, I decided to apply abroad for graduate studies. The procedure involves contacting professors from different universities. I was lucky to get an answer from Dr. Mehrab Mehrvar in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson. His field of research was the one that I was really interested in.

What is the focus of your current research?

I’m working on the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater using a combination of advanced oxidation processes and biological treatments. I’m going to combine these two in order to make the process economic, and optimize the operational parameters.

Why does this research appeal to you?

In wastewater treatment in general, we should use all the subjects that we have studied in chemical engineering, like mass transfer, heat transfer, and reactions. This type of research interest applies all of these subjects together, which is very interesting to me. Also, water treatment is something that is very crucial and has an effect in people’s lives. Finding ways to improve the health condition was very interesting to me, so I tried to work on the subject.

Can you give an example of a memorable research experience?

The first time I attended a conference here at Ryerson, the participants were from industry. It was interesting to see that the things that we worked on in the lab and the theory we studied in class was applicable to industry.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m thinking of finding an academic job in chemical engineering. So after getting my master’s, I’m looking to find a PhD position.  

What is the most rewarding thing about being a graduate student at Ryerson?

I was lucky to find the chance to work with my supervisor, Dr. Mehrvar. He’s a really nice guy, he supports me very much. I was really lucky to work with him. And also, being in Toronto, it’s a nice city. At Ryerson, there are lots of people from my own country and lots of other countries, so you never feel  like you’re an immigrant. It’s very nice. It’s a friendly atmosphere.

What do you think of Ryerson’s graduate student life?

Graduate is very different from undergraduate because there’s less time to be with the other students. Everyone is working on a different topic or subject. Here at Ryerson, we have good communities, which helps with living in Toronto and dealing with the difficulties of living alone.

If you could describe your experience so far as a Ryerson graduate student in one word, what would it be?


Why should students come to Ryerson?

Ryerson, as a school, is good because there are nice professors to work with, good facilities and good equipment, so it makes the research better. And the most important thing is the friendly environment, which cannot be found in some other schools.

Compiled by Yasmin Jaswal.