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Undeclared Engineering

Not yet sure about which engineering discipline is right for you? Consider our undeclared engineering entry option.

Students in Undeclared Engineering are given the opportunity to review the different disciplines of engineering offered at Ryerson through the common first-semester course, Introduction to Engineering. This course helps students to make an informed decision when selecting the engineering plan that is right for them.

Students in Undeclared Engineering must declare by December 1 in their first semester which of our eight engineering programs they intend to pursue. Because all of our engineering programs share a common first semester, undeclared students will be in-phase with the rest of their classmates in their chosen disciplines.

Undeclared Engineering Curriculum

First Semester
(Common to all engineering programs)

CEN 100:   Introduction to Engineering
CEN 199:  Writing Skills
CHY 102:
   General Chemistry
MTH 140:
  Calculus I
MTH 141:
  Linear Algebra
PCS 211:
    Physics: Mechanics
+ one Liberal Studies elective course

Undergraduate Engineering Admissions

Thinking of applying to a Ryerson engineering program?

We want to hear from you! Engineering Admissions Advisors are here to assist you with any questions you may have.


Engineering Your Success

We want you to succeed!

Engineering programs are exciting and interesting, but also challenging. Check out all the supports we've designed to help you engineer your success.


Second Semester
(Required for all engineering programs)

CPS 125:  Digital Computation and Programming
ECN 801:  Principles of Engineering Economics 
MTH 240: Calculus II
PCS 125:  Physics: Waves and Fields

+ the program-specific courses below:

Aerospace Engineering
AER 222: Engineering Design and Graphical Communication
MTL 200: Materials Science Fundamentals

Biomedical Engineering
BME 100: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
ELE 202: Electric Circuit Analysis

Chemical Engineering Co-op
CHE 200: Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHY 211: General Chemistry Laboratory

Civil Engineering
CVL 207: Graphics
MTL 200: Materials Science Fundamentals

Computer and Electrical Engineering
ELE 202: Electric Circuit Analysis

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
MEC 222: Engineering Graphical Communication
MTL 200: Materials Science Fundamentals