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Optional Specialization in Management Sciences

Gain a competitive edge and acquire a business background

Comparable to a business management minor, the Optional Specialization in Management Sciences (OSMS) provides engineering and science students with a solid foundation in management sciences. Courses are tailored to better prepare students for their careers or for graduate studies in management-related specializations (e.g., MBA). Strong demand for engineering and science graduates with management training and skills makes the OSMS an excellent tool for enhancing job prospects.

Why Enrol?

By taking the OSMS, you will gain a competitive edge and be able to:

  • Combine your engineering or science background with business management skills.
  • Broaden your knowledge in business and management, which is necessary for pursuing an MBA or related graduate studies program.
  • Expand your entrepreneurial skills so that you can start a small business after graduation.
  • Explore the leadership side of your field.
  • Enter your field with a well-rounded technical and managerial background.


Enrolment Eligibility

With the exception of students in Industrial Engineering and Architectural Science, all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and the Faculty of Science who have clear academic standings are eligible to enrol. A special designation will appear on your degree if you successfully complete, before graduation, all six courses within the OSMS with a minimum CGPA of 1.67. In order to complete the courses without delaying your graduation, you are encouraged to enrol in first year.


You can register for the OSMS in March of each year by filling out the OSMS Registration Form. Space is limited, so you are encouraged to apply early to reserve your spot. Fees will be assessed depending on the number of selected courses for the term.



Learn about entrepreneurship and innovation management, operations management, managerial accounting and more. View complete course info


Students enrolled in the OSMS can apply for the Pierre Lassonde Optional Specialization in Management Sciences Awards, valued at $2,500 each. The application form will be uploaded to the Registrar's website when available.