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Creating & Managing Cost Centres

To request a new cost centre for your department or project, contact your financial advisor for assistance completing a request form. Once approved, your cost centre will be set up in the Ryerson University Financial Information System (RUFIS or Oracle), opens in new window and you’ll be notified via email.

Revising an existing cost centre

If you have less than five changes to make to your cost centre, please contact your financial advisor via email with the details on the changes required. Please include in the email the new attribute and the existing attribute it’s replacing.

For five or more changes to your cost centre, please list the existing attributes and new attributes in an Excel spreadsheet and email it to your financial advisor.

Closing a cost centre

To close your cost centre, please ensure that:

  • the cost centre balance is at zero
  • no encumbrances remain
  • all prepayments and advances have been cleared (note, you’ll know if prepayments or advances exist remain if your cost centre has the account numbers 7305, 7306 or 7711 and a balance attached to them)

Once all this is addressed, email a request to your financial advisor who will confirm that the cost centre is closed.