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First-Year Committee

Your voice matters. The First-Year Engineering Office is dedicated to working with our students to address any academic or transition issues you may face. We aim to better understand your concerns, create solutions, and enhance the first-year student experience. In this role, you will present your peers' concerns to a panel of first-year representatives from each program, a RESS representative, two FYAs and a staff member from our office.

First-Year Committee: Full team collage

Meet your 2020 First-Year Committee

First-Year Committee: Sonia



This year has been a wild ride, but I am making the most of my first year at Ryerson by staying connected with my peers (virtually) and being a part of student groups! Having more time at home, I have enjoyed going on hikes and spending time with family and friends!

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First-Year Committee: Samiur



I’m making the most of my first year by going to the Ryerson SLC to work with my peers. Also, I'm using my extra free time to play sports such as basketball and football in order to stay active.

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First-Year Committee: Miguel



I’m making the most out of my first year by meeting awesome people, getting involved with student groups and making every day count!

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First-Year Committee: Faheel



To make the most of my first year, I use SLC's math support regularly, attend office hours, and involve myself in student groups at campus. Apart from this, I read poetry and maintain a daily workout schedule to remain active.

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First-Year Committee: Christine



For me, it’s difficult to make friends since we’re all learning virtually, I haven’t even seen most of the people I talk to! I’ve joined many student groups to learn from upper years and make friends in my year. I enjoy all the teams and clubs I’m part of and can’t wait to continue working with them while I’m at Ryerson. In addition to joining clubs, I also try to attend as many student events as possible to learn about my program and make friends!

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First-Year Committee: Brusk



I am making the most out of my time by making goals to motivate myself and others.  As well as staying active by going cycling and doing what I love, writing poetry.

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First-Year Committee: Atiya



I am making the most of my first year by planning my day to include time to relax after completing my work. This allows me to still have time to pursue my hobbies and socialize with peers. 

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First-Year Committee: Areeba



In a time where social interactions are limited, I'm making the most of my first year by joining student organizations like the First Year Committee, the Biomedical Engineering Course Union, and the Tri-Mentoring Program. I also try to attend any event that I can as they are a super fun way to meet new people and make new friends.

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We are currently accepting applications from First-Year Industrial Engineering students interested in joining the FYC. Interested applicants can google formapply through this form, external link, opens in new window.

As a committee representative, you are responsible for communicating with your peers regularly to find out what their concerns are. You must also make a bi-weekly announcement in a common course regarding upcoming events or helpful resources. From time to time, you will be asked to take part in social media campaigns and outreach.

The committee meets monthly. Also, once a term, the representatives attend a First-Year Engineering Success committee meeting, where they share your concerns (anonymously) with all first-year instructors and support staff.

Most representatives are first-year students, however, two positions are held for first-year ambassadors, and the First-Year Board from the Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS), opens in new window. These representatives provide important guidance and information to the committee. They attend committee meetings, however, they do not take part in other committee activities such as communicating to first-year students about their concerns, making class announcements or taking part in online campaigns.

You can email Aleeza, FYA Lead at, with any questions about the first year committee.