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Two men preforming on music turn turnables while over looking a crowd with the cityscape in front of them.
Reimagining Live Entertainment

Future of Live Entertainment Lab

FOL!E explores fundamental questions for performance-based creative experiences. From new ways of integrating technology into human performance, to developing methodologies for live audience analytics and generating insights into social and economic paradigms shaping live entertainment, we undertake multifaceted explorations and experimentations shaping the future of live entertainment.

FOLIE - COVID-19 Taskforce

COVID-19 Taskforce

The COVID-19 Taskforce explores the impacts of public health crises on the Live Entertainment industry and pivots to explore opportunities that can strengthen the resilience of the sector.

FOLIE - Project List


Members and associates of FOL!E regularly undertake scholarly, research and creative activities that reimagine various facets of live entertainment. Explore our boundary-pushing projects.