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COVID-19 Research Taskforce

COVID-19 Research Taskforce

As jurisdictions around the world adjust to respond to the public health crisis presented by COVID-19, the entertainment sector and its peripherals are among those industries hardest hit. During this crisis, members of the public are recognizing the absence of shared live experience as a deeply felt gap in their day-to-day lives.

Live entertainment organizations will face a massive economic shock and likely restart operations in a landscape where at-home entertainment, which already represented a direct competitor in consumer behaviour, will have been a dominant means of coping through mobility restrictions. These impacts will not only be felt by front-line organizations, but will also ripple through the supply chain of design, media and equipment manufacturers.

In the midst of this crisis, there is value in critical assessment of the potential to strengthen the resilience of the sector, to work to activate new revenue models and to innovatively apply technology to insulate - to the extent possible - live entertainment organizations from acute shocks.

Through a series of four research sprints, FOL!E explores these scenarios to contribute to support decision-making processes and inform post-COVID strategies.

Check back for more details and links to the research sprints.


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