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Kazem Fayazbakhsh

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Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator

Hamid Ghaemi

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Engineering Specialist & Adjunct Professor

PhD students

Student Project title
Anthony Rossi Near Edge Conditions Damage Characterization and Modelling of Low Velocity Impact Response in Composite Laminates
Amirmohammad Rahimzadeh Recycling of wind turbine blades in the form of glass fiber reinforced filaments for additive manufacturing
Konstantin Fedorov Investment casting of 3D-Printed patterns by the ceramic shell method
Seyed Miri Process optimization for 3D printing of high performance composite materials

MASc/MEng students

Student Project title
Sadben Khan Curvilinear variable stiffness 3D printing for improved mechanical performance
Guneet Kaur Mankoo Damage characterization of low velocity impact in 3D printed carbon fiber composite plates
Amir Noorafkan Biaxial testing apparatus development

Undergraduate students

Student Project title
Jordan Kalman Recycling of composites for 3D printing in industrial applications
Michael Foppiano The effect of humidity and nozzle temperature on tensile properties of 3D printed parts
Aditya Saluja In-process inspection for warping detection during 3D printing using machine learning
Artin Sarkezians Closed-loop 3D printing for more reliable manufacturing
Jiarui Xie Development of a hardware system integratable with an open-source 3D printer for warping detection
Levi Gregorash Development of electronic systems for robotic 3D printing
Brent Gebuza Closed-loop 3D printer customization for laser inspection
Samuel Woolsey Development of an automatic control system for filament diameter during the extrusion process
Muhammad Farooq Development of a cutting mechanism for a 3D printing head
Justin Venturo Augmented Reality (AR) for in-process inspection during 3D printing

Past students

Student Project title
Geethanjali Chandramouli Finite Element Modeling of 3D printed parts with defects
Vikas Chandran Comparison of compression molding and 3D printing processes in terms of mechanical performance of thermoplastic parts
Hari Prasad Desu Experimental testing of 3D printed thermoplastic parts subjected to low velocity impact
Mobina Movahedi The impact of defects on tensile strength and modulus of 3D printed parts by fused deposition modeling
Karanvir Gosal Development of a 3D printed briading machine for manufacturing reinforced filaments for additive manufacturing
Jun Nakajima Design and manufacturing of new assistive wearable devices for persons with disabilities using 3D printing
Larkin Lee Fatigue properties of 3D printed parts by fused deposition modeling