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This webpage provides an overview of the various opportunities that are available for patients, students, clinicians, researchers, and knowledge users. Specifically, the following opportunities are advertised:

Research Participation for Potential Study Participants:

  • Currently, there are no opportunities available

Research Assistant Positions for Undergraduate and Graduate Students, as well as Clinicians:

  • Currently, there are no paid opportunities available. However, volunteer research assistant and research placement opportunities are available on an ongoing basis.

Graduate Student Thesis Supervision:

  • Dr. Fredericks is currently accepting graduate level thesis students. If you are interested in pursuing a thesis, please send your updated Curriculum Vitae and area of interest to Dr. Fredericks at least 3 months in advance of the application deadline. If you are an existing course stream Master of Nursing graduate student or considering applying to the thesis stream of the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing Master of Nursing Program at Ryerson University, please review the necessary Master of Nursing admission/transfer guidelines found on the school of graduate studies website, opens in new window.

Research Mentorship for Scientists:

  • Dr. Fredericks is currently accepting applications for research mentorship opportunities. Please forward your curriculum vitae and a detailed mentorship plan to Dr. Fredericks, along with your intended start and end date for the mentorship experience.

Knowledge User Collaboration:

  • Currently, there are no opportunities available