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GCM Virtual Thesis Expo 2020

GCM Virtual Thesis Expo 2020

The GCM 490 Thesis class was introduced two years ago as part of curriculum renewal in GCM as a capstone course option for students who are passionate about research and writing, and want to hone their skills in these areas. In the Fall 2020 term, many of our amazing fourth-year GCM students conducted individual specialized research on many different areas relating to graphic arts, design, printing and packaging. The results are exceptional thesis projects on topics ranging from packaging sustainability and design, colour management and perception, 3D printing, book design, gender stereotypes in design, Braille on packaging, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With heartfelt appreciation to their supervisors, industry advisors and all who contributed in some measure to their success, the class is excited to share the results of their work with industry and the university community. We hope you enjoy this look at the hard work of these graduating GCM students.

Ian Baitz, Associate Professor
Teacher for GCM 490 Thesis, Fall 2020

Click on the title to view or download a PDF of the thesis. Click on the YouTube video to play, and on the expand button to enlarge.

PDF fileToronto's Blue Bin Program: The Need for a New Recycling Program, opens in new window

by Layla Ali Abdi
(, opens in new window)

This thesis investigates the waste management system for the City of Toronto's household recyclables to determine whether a dual stream recycling system would be beneficial for lowering the contamination rate.

PDF fileReuse: The Canadian Cannabis Industry's next step for Dried Cannabis Packaging, opens in new window

by Dorotea Bajic

This thesis explores the potential of a cyclic system for dried cannabis containers in the Canadian Cannabis Industry.

PDF fileA Powerful Tool: How Graphic Design Plays into Chinese Propaganda, opens in new window

by Anushka Bhardwaj
(, opens in new window)

This thesis delves into detail about the graphical elements that make up the visual appeal of Chinese Propaganda. The aim is to uncover why those elements work so well on capturing the target audience's attention.

PDF fileHow Colour Blindness Affects Psychological Colour Perceptions, opens in new window

by Isabel Cronin 
(, opens in new window)

This study investigates whether people who experience a colour vision deficiency perceive colour emotions differently when compared to the general population, and how this information can be used to create more effective and accessible designs.

PDF fileDiscussing the Challenges within the Arabic Typographic Landscape, opens in new window

by Grace Fawzy
(, opens in new window)

This study highlights the challenges of designing with Arabic typography within the Middle East. Arab designers are coming together to encourage the advancement of this field by the willingness to persist in its further development through the sharing of knowledge.

PDF fileEnvironmental Impacts of Single Use Packaging during the COVID-19 Pandemic, opens in new window

by Ujala Gosai
(, opens in new window)

With the increase of masks, gloves and personal protective equipment as well as delivery packaging, this study aims to looks into the increase of single use packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications it held on the environment.

PDF fileBio Based Polymers in Food Packaging: Finding a Balance Between Safety and Sustainability, opens in new window

by Maddy Haggith
(, opens in new window)

Collecting available information to determine if three different biodegradable plastics (Polybutylene Succinate, Organic Polyethylene, Polylactic Acid) are viable alternatives to traditional single-use plastic used in industrial food manufacturing and packaging facilities within Canada.

PDF fileAn Exploration of Environmental Impacts and Consumer Perceptions of Soft Drink Packaging, opens in new window

by Jessica Huynh 
(, opens in new window)

This thesis explores the environmental impacts and consumer perceptions of Coca Cola’s plastic, glass and aluminum beverage packaging systems through a Life Cycle Assessment and surveys.

PDF fileThe Brown Stripe in Pride: Exploring South Asian Queer Liberation Through Graphic Design, opens in new window

by Afrah Idrees
(, opens in new window)

This thesis explores the use of graphic design as a tool for queer liberation by South Asian individuals around the world, uncovering the political purpose behind these expressions.

PDF filePrint vs Digital, How Fashion Consumers Perceive Different Mediums

by Liam LaFrance 

This research study discusses the affects of print versus digital marketing mediums on fashion consumers to determine how the communication format impacts the perceptions of advertising material, and brands themselves.

PDF fileThe Current State of Braille on Packaging in Canada and Whether it Should Change, opens in new window

by Betty Lim
(, opens in new window)

This paper aims to explore the current state of braille on packaging and surveys consumers, manufacturers and the visually impaired to determine whether braille on packaging should be more commonplace in Canada.

PDF fileHow the Marketing of 3D Printing Benefited Additive Manufacturing Economically During COVID-19, opens in new window

by Filip Markovic 
(, opens in new window)

This thesis studies how the high-tech 3D printing industry successfully adapted its marketing approaches against the economic downfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its unique contributions towards the additive manufacturing world is to be remembered.

PDF fileAccessible Packaging Design in the Beauty Industry, opens in new window

by Jamie Milar-Bentia
(, opens in new window)

This study explores how the integration of accessible packaging design and accessible design concepts can encourage the development of accessible beauty product packaging for visually impaired consumers.

PDF filePopular Design Elements in Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Book Cover Design

by Galiana Mohammed 

This study investigates popular design elements that appear on Young Adult Fantasy book covers and their prevalence on the most loved books in this genre from the past decade.

PDF fileLiving Past Expectations: An Analysis on Print Marketing Materials' Integration Amidst the Digital Age, opens in new window

by Erin Navarro
(, opens in new window)

This study paper will discuss the current stance of print-related marketing materials and its potentiality for future endeavours in relation to the rise of digital platforms, alternatives, and shifting consumer expectation.

PDF fileThe Analysis of Skin Tones and How They are Replicated in Commercial Offset Lithography, opens in new window

by Laura Rendell-Dean
(, opens in new window)

This study looks into the colour reproduction of skin tones and why they are commonly considered difficult to print within the industry.

PDF fileFood packaging's contribution to a polluted environment, opens in new window

by Tamanna Rudra 
(, opens in new window)

This paper will present research on how food packaging practices in North America cause pollution by discussing the limited consequences of incorrect disposal of used packaging materials, the use of unrecyclable materials in mass production, and the lack of education about recyclable substrates.

PDF fileEffects of Aesthetic Packaging on Consumer Purchasing Decisions, opens in new window

by Sofia Scarmozzino 
(, opens in new window)

The purpose of this study was to explore the influences that contribute to consumers purchasing decisions in the context of cosmetic products and whether or not their decisions are impacted by the presentation and packaging of their products of interest.

PDF fileCOVID-19's impact on post-secondary student's learning preferences on different mediums with nonfiction textbooks, opens in new window

by Vincent Tran
(, opens in new window)

This study aims is an attempt to answer whether post-secondary students' preferences have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions.

PDF fileUnderstanding GenZ consumer perceptions of food delivery packaging in a post-COVID-19 lens and its implications on sustainability, opens in new window

by Esther van Dijken 
(, opens in new window)

This thesis investigates consumer preferences in relation to food delivery and takeout packaging after COVID-19, and evaluates shifts in consumer preferences as a result of the pandemic.

PDF fileFast Food Take out Packaging: Choose your fighter!, opens in new window

by Chehek Vohra

The thesis investigates the influences of single-use takeout packaging materials and the impacts that the materials have on the environment.

PDF fileGendered Design: Breaking the Stereotype in Package Design, opens in new window

by Zung Wu 
(, opens in new window)

This study aims to determine the detrimental effects of design based on biased and outdated stereotypes. The results suggest that the current commercial way of designing is falling out of favor with consumers.

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