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The EUS program is a innovative four-year program of 40 courses. The curriculum, builds on a strong foundational year of interdisciplinary studies. Through a unique balance of required and optional courses, you will gain skills in creative thinking, research and analytical methods, and theoretical approaches, while choosing to pursue your individual interests.

You will take a core of courses in which you will learn and use the skills required for academic and future success in the workplace: field methods, research design, academic writing, critical thinking and demographic analysis. You will hone these skills in years two, three and four as you interpret environments, examine ecological processes, explore urban policy, critique sustainable initiatives, and use the principles underlying physical and natural environments. You can select courses in geography, history, philosophy, politics and public administration, sociology, law and business, architectural science, economics, and chemistry and biology, as well as courses from the Schools of Urban and Regional Planning, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Interior Design, and Occupational and Public Health. This flexibility allows you to direct your studies to realize your own aspirations.

1st & 2nd Semester


EUS 102 - Environment and Sustainability

EUS 202 - Sustaining the City's Environments

SSH 105 -  Critical Thinking I

SSH 205 -  Academic Writing and Research

 Four courses from Table I.

One course from Table I or Table III.

One course from Table III

3rd & 4th Semester


EUS 301

 Reading Neighbourhood Environments

EUS 401

 Patterns of Demography and Environment

EUS 402

 Research and Statistics

GEO 313

 Geography of the Physical Environment

SSH 301

 Research Design and Qualitative Methods

 One of:

BLG 143

 Biology I

ENH 617

 Applied Ecology


Two courses from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.

PROFESSIONAL: One course from Table II.

One course from Table ITable III or Table IV.

5th & 6th Semester



EUS 501   Ecological Processes in the Cdn Landscape
EUS 601   Nature in Fragments
GEO 513    Physical Geography in Decision Support
POL 377 Urban Sustainability Policy

Two courses from Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies.

PROFESSIONAL: Two courses from Table II.

Two courses from Table III or Table IV.


7th & 8th Semester



EUS 701  Field Studies in Urban Ecology
EUS 801  Senior Projects in EUS


Two courses from Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies.

PROFESSIONAL: Four courses from Table II.

Two courses from Table III or Table IV.  


The degree program in Environment and Urban Sustainability shares a common first year foundation with the programs in Criminal Justice, English, Geographic Analysis, History, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology and Sociology. This framework allows all students to gain a broad, interdisciplinary base of knowledge, skills and methods which you will use and develop in the following years.

You will take two required EUS courses, EUS 102 Environment and Sustainability, and EUS 202 Sustaining the City’s Environment which provide the basis of understanding the social, economic and management dimensions of environmental sustainability.

You will attend a bi-weekly colloquium. This provides a unique opportunity for students in Environment and Urban Sustainability to meet as a group and to begin developing a sense of class recognition and identity. Initially the colloquium augments the activities of the Faculty in smoothing the transition to university life. In subsequent weeks the colloquium focuses on engaging students in a variety of issues through invited guest speakers, opportunities for involvement with student groups, clubs and organizations such as Students for Sustainability@ Ryerson, the development of community partnerships with NGOs, and volunteer opportunities.