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A minimum of 7 courses are required to be selected from:

ASC 102 The Built World - Management of Finite Resources
ASC 200 Sustainable Practices: Principles
ASC 403 Site Development and Planning
ASC 501 Architecture Science: Sustainable Housing Design
ASC 852 Landscape and Ecological Design
ASC 855 Designing with Green Building Ratings
BLG 340 Environmental Biology
BLG 401 Ecotoxicology
CHY 142 Organic Chemistry I
CHY 261 Biochemistry I
CHY 423 Environmental Science
ECN 502 Economics of Natural Resources
ECN 510 Environmental Economics
ENH 122 Introduction to Epidemiology
ENH 424 Water Quality
ENH 524 Pollution Control
ENH 825 Risk Assessment
EUS 450 Climate Change: Science, Mitigation and Adaptation
EUS 550 Sustainable Cities: A Comparative Review
EUS 650 Waste and Waste Management
EUS 750 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Strategies
EUS 760 Cities at Risk
EUS 850 Sustainability in Organizations
EUS 860 Measuring Sustainability
EUS 870 Ecological Restoration
GEO 411 Resource and Environmental Planning
GEO 514 Resource Management in Northern Canada
GEO 581 GIS, Geographic Data and Mapping
GEO 612 Environmental Decision Making
GEO 671 Developmental and Environmental Law
GEO 681 GIS and Geographic Analysis
HTT 510 Sustainable Tourist Development
HST 788 Water Use in History
HST 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
IDE 309 Sustainable Design
LAW 535 Environmental and Business Law
OHS 322 Introductory Toxicology
OHS 422 Advanced Toxicology
PHL 525 Environmental Ethics
PLE 715 Environmental Assessment
PLE 835 Ecological Design
POG 415 Environmental Politics and Policy
SOC 708 Environmental Sociology

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