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Michal Bardecki

Bardecki, Michal




BA, MSc, Guelph, PhD, York (Can.)


JOR 626


416-979-5000 x6175

Email Address:


International Environmental Issues; Environment Management; Las Vegas


Geography & Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

Nepal; valuation of wetlands and wetlands management; media and environment; interdisciplinary education; sustainable fashion; global environmental issues.

Current Courses:

GEO 312: Viva Las Vegas!
GEO 811: Global Environmental Issues
ES8930: Seminar in Environmental Applied Science and Management

Professional Affiliations:

Prof. Bardecki is an active member of the Scarborough Masters Basketball League.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Cook, J.M. and M.J. Bardecki 2016 “The valuation of protected areas: tourists in Chitwan National Park, Nepal” in L. Bourdeau, M.G. Barbas and M. Robinson eds World Heritage Sites and Tourism: Global and Local Relations (London, UK: Routledge) 162-174

Kozlowski, A., C. Searcy and M. Bardecki 2016 "Innovation for a sustainable fashion industry: a design focused approach toward the development of new business models" in S.S. Muthu and M.A. Gardetti eds Green Fashion: Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes (Singapore: Springer Science+Business Media) 151-169

Azan, S., M. Bardecki and A. Laursen 2015 “Invasive aquatic plants in the aquarium and ornamental pond industries: a risk assessment” Weed Research 55(3) 249-259

Kozlowski, A., C. Searcy and M. Bardecki 2015 “Corporate sustainability reporting in the apparel industry: an analysis of indicators disclosed” International Journal of Productivity and Performance Measurement 64(3) 377-397

Bardecki, M. 2015 "Developing and managing integrated [interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary] graduate programs in environmental science and management in a collaborative context" in W. Leal Filho, L. Brandli, O. Kuznetsova and A.M.F. do Paço eds Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level (Berlin, Germany: Springer) 197-209

Bardecki, M.J. 2014 “Are we doing enough to educate water professionals?” Water Canada 14(3) 32-33

Bhatta, C.P. and M. Bardecki 2014 “Is foreign aid making a difference? A case study of Sagarmatha National Park Forestry Project, Khumbu, Nepal” New Angle: Nepal Journal of Social Science and Public Policy 3(1) 84-97

Kozlowski, A., M. Bardecki and C. Searcy 2014 “Sustainable fashion: a re-conceptualization of the role of fashion design” in E. Bohemia, A. Rieple, J. Liedtka and R. Cooper eds Design Management in an Era of Disruption: The 19th DMI Academic Design Management Conference (Boston, MA: Design Management Institute) 644-661

Kozlowski, A., M. Bardecki and C. Searcy 2014 “Corporate sustainability reports in the apparel industry: an analysis of reported indicators” in Conference Proceedings.  Performance Management: Designing the High-Performance Organization (Aarhus, Denmark: Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University) Paper 0020 []

Bhatta, C.P. and M. Bardecki 2013 “Stakeholders' perceptions on foreign aid and an NGO-driven project: a case study of Sagarmatha National Park Forestry Project (SNPFP), Khumbu, Nepal” Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy 8(1) 18-25

Bardecki, M.J. and C. Wrobel 2012 “Protected areas in Nepal: the case for higher entry fees” Economic Journal of Nepal 35(2) 284-299

Kozlowski, A., M. Bardecki and C. Searcy 2012 “Environmental impacts in the fashion industry: a life-cycle and stakeholder framework” Journal of Corporate Citizenship 45, 15-34

Bardecki, M.J. and J.M. Cook 2012 “’Resource rich and income poor’: payment for access to protected areas in Nepal” Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy 6(1) 120-125

Bardecki, M.J. 2012 "Some thoughts on ‘environmental mainstreaming'" Environmental Mainstreaming for a Green Economy: Proceedings of the Regional Workshop. Nagarkot, Nepal. May 3-5, 2012 (Kathmandu, Nepal: Asian Center for Environment Management and Sustainable Development (AEMS)) 50-52